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A Comprehensive Grammar of the Sinhalese Language

Abraham Mendis Gunasekara - 1999 - Foreign Language Study - Limited preview
8.5 x 5.5 x 0.25 Inches
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An Etymological Glossary of the Sinhalese Language

Wilhelm Geiger - 1941 - Sinhalese language - Limited preview
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The Journal of Hellenic Studies, Volume 38

1818 - Greek philology - Full view
Vols. 1 (1880)-8 (1887), plates published separately and numbered I-LXXXIII.
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A History of Greek Philosophy: Volume 4, Plato: The Man and His Dialogues ...

W. K. C. Guthrie, William Keith Chambers Guthrie - 1986 - Philosophy - Limited preview
The fourth volume of Professor Guthrie's great history of Greek thought deals exclusively with Plato. Plato, however, so prolific a writer, so profoundly original in his thought, and so colossal an influence on the later history of philosophy ...
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Greek Homosexuality

Kenneth James Dover - 1989 - History - Limited preview
To what extent and in what ways was homosexuality approved by the ancient Greeks? An eminent classicist examines the evidence--vase paintings, archaic and classical poetry, the dialogues of Plato, speeches in the law courts, the comedies of ...
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Greek grammar

Herbert Weir Smyth, Gordon M. Messing - 1963 - Foreign Language Study - Snippet view
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Greek: a history of the language and its speakers

Geoffrey C. Horrocks - 1997 - Foreign Language Study - Snippet view
Greek: A History of the Language and its Speakers traces the development of this fascinating language from the Mycenaean period of the second millennium BC to the present day, combining both external and internal history into a single narrative ...
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Greece: Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical

Christopher Wordsworth - 1859 - Art, Greek - Full view
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Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History

Sarah B. Pomeroy - 1999 - History - No preview available
The first full history of ancient Greece, from the Bronze Age through the Hellenistic Era, to be published in more than a quarter of a century. 15 illustrations. 17 maps.
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A History of Ancient Greece

Claude Orrieux, Pauline Schmitt-Pantel - 1999 - History - No preview available
This is a major, single-volume introduction to the whole of Ancient Greek History. It covers the period from the Golden Age of Knossos and Mycenae to the incorporation of Greece into the Roman empire in the second century BC and the transfer of ...
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