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The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

Carl Gustav Jung - 1981 - Psychology - Limited preview
This ninth volume of C.G.Jung's collected writings is devoted to his chief works on the concept of the collective unconscious and its correlate, that of the archetypes. Part 1 contains essays describing and elaborating upon the two concepts, and ...
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Jung and Eastern Thought

Harold Coward, Harold G. Coward - 1985 - Psychology - No preview available
Jung and Eastern Thought is an assessment of the impact of the East on Jung’s life and teaching. Along with the strong and continuing interest in the psychology of Carl Jung is a growing awareness of the extent to which Eastern thought ...
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Greek Philosophy

Reginald E. Allen - 1991 - Philosophy - Limited preview
Widely praised for its accessibility and its concentration on the metaphysical issues that are most central to the history of Greek philosophy, this book offers a valuable introduction to the works of the Presocratics, Plato, and Aristotle.
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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition: DSM ...

American Psychiatric Association, American Psychiatric Association. Task Force on DSM-IV. - 2000 - Medical - No preview available
Features information on mental disorders as well as on treatment and procedures relating to those illnesses.
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David G. Myers - 2003 - Psychology - Limited preview
This new edition continues the story of psychology with added research and enhanced content from the most dynamic areas of the field—cognition, gender and diversity studies, neuroscience and more, while at the same time using the most effective ...
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Cognitive Psychology

Robert Sternberg - 2008 - Psychology - No preview available
COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, Fifth Edition balances accessible writing, practical applications, and research scholarship while interweaving biology throughout the text. Utilizing the theme that human cognition has evolved over time as a means of ...
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Dileep Chandralal - 2010 - Language Arts & Disciplines - Limited preview
Sinhala is one of the official languages of Sri Lanka and the mother tongue of over 70% of the population. Outside Sri Lanka it is used among immigrant populations in the U.K., North America, Australia and some European and Middle Eastern ...
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