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The Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology

Shane J. Lopez - 2011 - Psychology - Limited preview
Positive psychology, the pursuit of understanding optimal human functioning, is reshaping the scholarly and public views of how we see the science of psychology. The Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology provides a comprehensive and accessible ...
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Margaret W. Matlin - 2003 - Cognition - No preview available
This text2s success has come in large part from its up-to-date coverage of important research and theories and offers the latest and most comprehensive overview of cognition on the market today. Recent developments in perception, imagery, problem ...
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The Feeling of what Happens: Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness

Antonio R. Damasio - 1999 - Medical - Limited preview
A new theory of consciousness and the construction of identity focuses on the body's reaction to its world, postulating that a complex relationship between body, emotion, and mind is required to configure the self. Reprint. 50,000 first printing.
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A Handbook Of English Grammar

Rajiva Wiijesinha - 2006 - Limited preview
This Book Introduces Adult Learners Of English To The Fundamentals Of English Grammar. Basic Elements Of The Language Are Introduced In A Graded Manner With Minimum Use Of Jargon Before Introducing The More Complex Structures And Sentence Patterns.
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Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing

Elliot S. Dacher - 2006 - Health & Fitness - No preview available
A 20-year-medical veteran offers a comprehensive program of integral health based on Ken Wilbur's integral theory of consciousness, which focuses on the inner aspects of the psychospiritual and the interpersonal, and on the outer aspects of the ...
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Vedanta : The Knowledge Supreme

Achuta T.N. Rao - 2004 - Hindu philosophy - No preview available
Prayer Preface Introduction 1. TheVeda 2. Vedanta 3. Upanishads 4. BrahmaSutras 5. The Puranas and Epics 6. TheBhagavad-Gita 7. Mahaveera and Buddha The Great Acharyas 8. Vedantic Way of Life 9. The Art of Creative Living 10. Yoga for Health ...
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Introduction to Jungian Psychotherapy: The Therapeutic Relationship

David Sedgwick - 2001 - Psychology - No preview available
The unique relationship between patient and therapist is the main healing factor in psychotherapy. This book explains the Jungian approach to the therapeutic relationship and the treatment process. David Sedgwick outlines a modern Jungian ...
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Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy: (We Promise)

Theresa Bauer; Elizabeth Cox - 2004 - Fiction - Limited preview
Does Jungian Psychology intrigue you, but you're not sure how to apply it to your life or therapeutic practice if you are a therapist? This book written by Theresa Bauer, LPC, CAC III and Elizabeth Cox, M.A. outlines theories and techniques ...
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Transpersonal Psychotherapy: Second Edition

Seymour Boorstein - 1996 - Psychology - No preview available
Breaches the wall between the psychotherapeutic and the sacred as respected pioneers in the field give their vision of the synergistic potential in these two powerful traditions.
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What Freud Didn't Know: A Three-Step Practice for Emotional Well-Being ...

Timothy B. Stokes - 2009 - Psychology - Limited preview
In a thoughtful and down-to-earth way, Timothy B. Stokes overturns old formulas—and many Freudian concepts—for achieving personal change. During one's lifetime, hidden memories, along with their misleading assumptions, can unconsciously trigger ...
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