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A Cognitive Theory of Consciousness

Bernard J. Baars - 1993 - Medical - Limited preview
Bernard Baars suggests a way to specify empirical constraints on a theory of consciousness by contrasting well-established conscious phenomena with comparable unconscious ones, such as stimulus representations known to be preperceptual ...


L. B. Curzon, Leslie Basil Curzon - 2001 - Law - No preview available
Jurisprudence is a vast, open-ended, and often daunting subject, particularly because of its links with a variety of other disciplines, such as philosophy, sociologyand political science. The answers given in the text explain the nature and ...

World Scriptures: An Introduction to Comparative Religions

Kenneth Kramer - 1986 - Religion - Limited preview
World Scripture is a guidebook to the primary source materials of the classical, living religions of the world. It is a guidebook which innovatively blends critical and interpretative tools with sacred symbols and stories of Ultimacy.

A Mind So Rare: The Evolution of Human Consciousness

Merlin Donald - 2002 - Medical - Limited preview
Presenting the cultural and neuronal forces that power our distinctively human modes of awareness, the author proposes that the human mind is a hybrid product of interweaving a super-complex form of matter (the brain) with an invisible symbolic ...

Toward a Science of Consciousness: The First Tucson Discussions ..., Volume 1

Stuart R. Hameroff, Alfred W. Kaszniak - 1996 - Psychology - Limited preview
This text originates from the second of two conferences discussing the concept of consciousness. In 15 sections, this book demonstrates the broad range of fields now focusing on consciousness.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Helen Tager-Flusberg - 1999 - Medical - Limited preview
The contributions provide in-depth analyses of a broad range of neurodevelopmentaldisorders, including those resulting from whole chromosome defects (Down and Turner syndromes),those related to defects in a single gene (fragile-X syndrome) or a ...

Brain, Mind and the Signifying Body: An Ecosocial Semiotic Theory

Paul Thibault - 2004 - Language Arts & Disciplines - Limited preview
Provides an exploration of a multimodal theory of cognitive science. This work analyses how social and biological systems interact to produce meaning. This study is of interest to undergraduates and academics researching cognitive linguistics and ...