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The Psychology of Gratitude

Robert A. Emmons, Michael E. McCullough, Associate Professor of Psychology and Religious Studies Michael E McCullough, PhD - 2004 - Psychology - Limited preview
Gratitude, like other positive emotions, has inspired many theological and philosophical writings, but it has inspired very little vigorous, empirical research. In an effort to remedy this oversight, this volume brings together prominent ...

Clinical Psychology and Heart Disease

E. Molinari, A. Compare, G. Parati - 2006 - Education - Limited preview
Provides a comprehensive overview of epidemiologic, experimental, and clinical data evidencing the emergence of cardiac psychology as a specialty. It offers a thorough and up-to-date review of the scientific research supporting the relationship ...

Research Methodology: An Introduction

Wayne Goddard, Stuart Melville - 2004 - Social Science - Limited preview
This 2nd Edition covers all facets of the research process, from finding a topic to disseminating the results. The subject is placed in the context of the academic scene and research needs in South Africa, and methodologies discussed include ...

Mind and Cognition: An Anthology

William Lycan - 1999 - Psychology - No preview available
This volume represents a vital resource - a new edition of the highly successful collection of classic and contemporary articles in philosophy of mind and cognition.

Emotional Cognition: From Brain to Behaviour

Simon C. Moore, Mike Oaksford - 2002 - Psychology - Limited preview
Emotional Cognition gives the reader an up to date overview of the current state of emotion and cognition research that is striving for computationally explicit accounts of the relationship between these two domains. Many different areas are ...


Margaret W. Matlin - 2001 - Psychology - No preview available
This text's success has come in large part from its up-to-date coverage of important research and theories and offers the latest and most comprehensive overview of cognition on the market today. Recent developments in perception, imagery, problem ...


William G. Lycan - 1995 - Psychology - Limited preview
In this book, William Lycan defends an original theory of mind that he calls "homuncular functionalism." What is consciousness? The answer to this question has been pondered upon, grappled with, and argued about since time immemorial. There has ...

Consciousness: An Introduction

Susan J. Blackmore - 2004 - Philosophy - No preview available
Is there a theory that explains the essence of consciousness? Or is consciousness itself just an illusion? The "last great mystery of science," consciousness was excluded from serious research for most of the last century but is now a rapidly ...

Understanding Consciousness

Max Velmans - 2000 - Psychology - No preview available
The mysteries of consciousness have gripped the human imagination for over 2500 years. At the dawn of the new millennium, this book provides solutions to some of the deepest puzzles surrounding its nature and function. Drawing on recent ...

Consciousness and Qualia

Leopold Stubenberg - 1998 - Philosophy - Limited preview
Consciousness and Qualia is a philosophical study of qualitative consciousness, characteristic examples of which are pains, experienced colors, sounds, etc. This study strives for phenomenological adequacy and thus the first-person point of view ...