The Poetics of Marcus Hieronymus Vida ... ; with translations from the Latin of dr. Lowth, mr. Gray, and other. By J. Hampson

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Page 253 - With many a weary step, and many a groan, Up the high hill he heaves a huge round stone ; The huge round stone, resulting with a bound, Thunders impetuous down, and smokes along the ground.
Page 233 - A work t' outlast immortal Rome design'd, Perhaps he seem'd above the Critic's law, And but from Nature's fountains scorn'd to draw: But when t' examine ev'ry part he came, Nature and Homer were, he found, the same.
Page 225 - T' invade the corn, and to their cells convey The plunder'd forage of their yellow prey. The sable troops, along the narrow tracks, Scarce bear the weighty...
Page 251 - The hoarfe, rough verfe fhould like the torrent roar : When Ajax ftrives fome rock's vaft weight to throw, The line too labours, and the words move flow ; Not fo, when fwift Camilla fcours the plain, Flies o'er th...
Page 231 - By turns a pitchy cloud she rolls on high; By turns hot embers from her entrails fly, And flakes of mounting flames, that lick the sky. Oft from her bowels massy rocks are thrown, And, shiver'd by the force, come piecemeal down.
Page 188 - Et gemina auratus taurino cornua vultu Eridanus : quo non alius per pinguia culta In mare purpureum violentior effluit amnis.
Page 237 - And seek the homely cots, or mountain's hollow side. The rapid rains, descending from the hills, To rolling torrents raise the creeping rills. The queen and prince, as Love or Fortune guides, One common cavern in her bosom hides.
Page 207 - Fierce tigers couch'd around, and loll'd their fawning tongues. " So, close in poplar shades, her children gone, The mother nightingale laments alone, Whose nest some prying churl had found, and thence By stealth convey'd th
Page 207 - Fierce tigers couen'd around, and loll'd their fawning tongues. So, clofe in poplar fhades, her children gone, The mother nightingale laments alone : Whofe neft fome prying churl had found, and thence, By ftealth, convey'd th
Page 234 - Scriptor honoratum fi forte reponis Achillem, Impiger, iracundus, inexorabilis, acer, Jura neget fibi nata, nihil non arroget armis; Sit Medea ferox inviftaque, flebilis Ino, Perfidus Ixion, lo vaga, triftis Oreftes. Sometimes • Sometimes frefh names in politics produce, And factions yet unheard of introduce ; And if you dare attempt a thing fo new, Make to itfelf the flying fquadron true.

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