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Tyfiphone, one of the chiefs of the furies. Within this region was a vaft deep pit, in which the tortures were fuppofed to be performed. The noise of ftripes, the clank of chains, and the groans of the tortured, ftrike the pious ENEAS with a kind of horror; and, as they were not permitted to enter into TARTARUS, the Sybil pictures to him the punishments of the REBEL GIANTS, who, after their defeat by Jupiter, were caft down into this horrid place, to receive the punishment due to their enormous crimes. SALMONES, for imitating Jove's thunder and lightning. TITYOS, lying on his back, and a vulture plunging his beak into his fide, for daring to make love to Latona. IXION, condemned for impiety and ingratitude, fixed to a wheel, which hurried him round in one perpetual whirl. THESEUS, who attempted to carry off Proferpine for his friend Pirithous, fits for ever upon a stone, whence he cannot poffibly ftir. The LAPITHE, who were placed round a table plentifully fet out, with a loofe rock hanging over their heads, and the Fury close by to watch and threaten them, the moment they offered to taste any of the tempting things fet before them.

Hence they marched towards PLUTO's palace, where they left the golden bough for PROSERPINA, and turned on the right-hand road for Elyfium, or the regions of blifs, which was the habitation of thofe who died for their country; thofe of pure lives; inventors of arts; and all who have done good to mankind. Here, in the most pleasant fituation, they, at length, found Anchifes, who inftructed AENEAS in thofe fublime fubjects, the immortality of the foul, and the happiness and mifery of a future ftate; and fhewed him the glorious race of heroes that were to descend from him and his pofterity, even to Auguftus Cefar, with their proper characters and actions.

Laftly, Anchifes having fhewn him the whole of the Elyfian fields, and given him proper directions and admonitions refpecting his future adventures, led


him and the Sybil through the ivory gate, at the house of Sleep, again to the earth; and ENEAS immediately failed from Cuma, fteering by the ftrand, to Cajēta, fo called by him from his old nurse *, whom he there buried, and raised a tomb to her memory.


As foon as the funeral rites were performed, they fpread the fails, and depart from Cajeta along the Tyrrhene fea, and fafely paffing by the dangerous fhelves of the forceress Circe's inchanted ifland, infamous for turning Ulyffes' men into swine, and other filthy monsters, they arrive next morning at the mouth of the river Tyber, where they go on shore. Nigh which, at Laurentum, reigned then over the Arborigines or Latins, king LATINUS. This LATI NUS had an only daughter LAVINIA, who, by the oracle of Faunus, was deftined for a foreign husband, who was there to land, and extend their empire over the world. Notwithstanding which, her mother, Queen Amāta, had promised her to Turnus, a neighbouring king of the Rutilians, who inhabited the maritime parts of Campania.

ENEAS fent a hundred felect youths, loaded with presents, as meffengers of peace to king Latinus, to crave a fettlement; who kindly received them, and adopted him as his deftined fon-in-law; permitting him likewife to build a fmall town, which they called New Troy.

In the mean time, Juno, enraged at the Trojans fuccefs, to destroy the good understanding between them and the Latins, raises the Fury ALECTO from Tartarus; who receiving her orders, inftantly flies to the Queen of Latium, and darts one of her ferpents into her bofom. This produces in her, firft, melancholy and complaints; then rage; and, at last, open acts of violence, From her ALECTO flies to

Among the Ancients, the nurse was regarded through life as a venerable character.

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Turnus, and at midnight appears to him in his fleep, under the form of a priestess of Juno, and tries in a fpeech to incite him to raise troops against NEAS and his allies. Turnus at firft treats her as a falfe prophetefs, at which she is in a rage, and affumes her own fhape with all its terrors about it: her face grew larger and larger every inftant; her eye-balls became like flames of fire, and her fnakes rose about her head in all their fury. She then bids him observe who fhe was, the difpenfer of wars and deftruction darting at the fame time her burning torch against his breaft. Turnus ftarts with the fright out of his fleep, calls aloud for arms, excites the people, engages in his quarrel Mezentius, Camilla, Meflapus, and many other neighbouring princes, and breathes nothing but flaughter. From him Alecto flies, and raifes a quarrel between a party, of Trojans, and fome Latians; and when the faw them fufficiently provoked, the herself founded the onfet to battle; the infernal blaft made the woods tremble, and was, heard for a vaft compafs round about. She flies, thence to heaven, tells Juno her commands were obeyed, and wants to do more mischief. Juno fays it is enough, and bids her return to Tartarus. On which the flies down, and plunges herself into a horrid fulphureous lake, which leads her directly to her usual abode.

The war being thus begun, both generals made all poffible preparations. Turnus erecting his standard at Taurentum, fends embaffadors to Diomedes, who, after the fiege of Troy, had fettled in Italy, at Argyrippa in Apulia. ENEAS went in perfon to beg fuccours of Evander, who, from Arcadia, had fettled upon mount Palatine, and the Tufcans.

Evander received him kindly, furnished him with men, and sent his fon Pallas with him.

In the mean time, Venus brings him a fuit of armour made by Vulcan, on which was engraven the most memorable actions of his pofterity.


Turnus taking advantage of ÆNEAS' abfence, fired fome of his fhips (which are transformed into The Trofea-nymphs) and affaulted his camp. jans, being reduced to the utmoft diftrefs, fent Nifus and Euryalus, a generous pair of friends, to recall ENEAS. Having fafely paffed through the enemies' trenches in the night, they found them fast asleep after a debauch of wine, and made great flaughter among them, but day approaching, they refolved to retire. Euryalus, like moft young warriors, taken with the glittering spoils of the killed and wounded, feized, among other things, Maffapus' crested helmet, and put it upon his own head; which inconfiderate action proved fatal to both him and his friend Nifus; for by it, Volfcens, at the head of a party of horse, efpied them in their retreat, upon which they fled into a neighbouring wood for fafety, where Euryalus loft his way; nor did Nifus mifs him till he was got a great way off; but how great was his furprize, when boldly returning in queft of him, he faw him in the hands of his enemy! Refolved to rescue his friend, he threw two lances unobserved, and killed two of their men, which fo enraged Volfcens, that he immediately plunged his fword into the breaft of Euryalus. Nifus bravely revenged his death on Volfcens, by mortally wounding him in the mouth, and then, covered with wounds, flung himself on his breathlefs friend, and flumbered in eternal reft. The Latins fixed both their heads on fpears, and fet them up in their camps; which the unhappy Trojans beholding from their walls, they greatly lament their death.


The next morning, Turnus rigorously renewed the fiege; and for a long time great execution was done on both fides, both by the befieged, and by the befiegers. At length, Turnus broke into the town, and the gates being immediately fhut, was furrounded with multitudes of enemies, numbers of whom he killed, but was obliged by little and little F 4


to give back towards that part of the town which looked into the river Tyber, and at last, armed as he was, jumped in, fwam over, and fo escaped to his troops.

While things were thus fituated, Jupiter called a council of the gods, and forbad them to engage on either party; but to leave all to the Fates.

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At length ENEAS returned, having ftaid fome time in Etruria or Tufcany, with numerous Tufcan and Arcadian auxiliaries, under Tarchon, in thirty fhips, and by the way met thofe fea-nymphs his Trojan hips had been turned into; who informed him of the dangers his Trojans had been, and still were, in.

Hence, making all the hafte he could, next morning, by break of day, coming within fight of the enemy up the river Tyber, he landed his army, and a sharp and bloody battle enfued. Prince Pallas was flain by Turnus, and the impious Mezentius, with his virtuous fon Laufus, were both flain by ENEAS. Turnus being in great danger himself, was freed by Juno, who raised a phantom of Eneas, which he followed as fleeing towards, and into, one of his hips; whofe cables Juno immediately cutting, Turnus was carried safe to Ardea, the palace of his father Daunus.

The next day Æneas erected a uophy of the spoils and arms of Mezentius, to Mars; granted a truce for two days to bury the dead, and fent home the body of Pallas with great folemnity. Latīnus, upon being refufed affiftance from Diomedes, called a council to propofe terms of peace to ENEAS. Drances, coming into the measures of the king, bitterly reproached Turnus, as the occafion of the war; which Turnus as fharply, and courageously, replied to, declaring himself ready to end the war, by fingle combat with Eneas.

While they were thus difputing, word is brought them, that the Trojan light horfe were marching to


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