Point Processes

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Routledge, Dec 19, 2018 - Mathematics - 188 pages
There has been much recent research on the theory of point processes, i.e., on random systems consisting of point events occurring in space or time. Applications range from emissions from a radioactive source, occurrences of accidents or machine breakdowns, or of electrical impluses along nerve fibres, to repetitive point events in an individual's medical or social history. Sometimes the point events occur in space rather than time and the application here raneg from statistical physics to geography. The object of this book is to develop the applied mathemathics of point processes at a level which will make the ideas accessible both to the research worker and the postgraduate student in probability and statistics and also to the mathemathically inclined individual in another field interested in using ideas and results. A thorough knowledge of the key notions of elementary probability theory is required to understand the book, but specialised "pure mathematical" coniderations have been avoided.

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