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Archipelago, on or about the year 1865, he informed me that he had died a few years ago. Thus he had only attained the age of fifty-eight, or sixty at most; his autobiography having been written when (as already stated) he was forty-six.




"Mr. Milne invited all the Malacca gentry, to the number of forty or fifty, and these having assembled, each put a dollar below the threshold of the door (there might have been seventy or eighty dollars); and they all stood round the door when Mr. Milne struck it, and called out the name of the house as the Anglo-Chinese College,' by which name it has since been called. This done, all returned to their homes. The house was about one year in building, and when it was finished he removed to it from the old house. As to the old house, he levelled it to the ground for a lawn. Now, at this time numerous children of the Chinese, Portuguese, and Malays were taught at the college, of whom four, five, or even ten became clever at reading and writing the English language. At this time, also, many people began to know how to speak English; besides, all the descendants of the Dutch in Malacca changed their habits, language, and costumemale and female. All imitated the English. And many were the times that the gentry asked me to call the Malay children to learn to read and to write, either in Malay or

English; but they would not come, for in their stupidity they feared that they would be taken by force and made English of. So they would not come, as the impression had got hold of their minds that force would be used to convert them. I urged them to come numberless times. Besides, I explained to them that the English had not the remotest intention of converting them, if they themselves were not agreeable; but that the object was no other than to teach them their own language, or the language of the English, as those acquisitions in after life would greatly facilitate their earning a livelihood. I argued, To learn accounts—would that be of no use? for if they did not learn accounts, how could they trade, buy, or sell? Moreover, I counselled them in many ways; but they slighted my advice. The more I harangued them, the more they avoided me; for in their thoughts they said I wished to destroy them. This feeling arrived at such a pitch, that they conceived in their hearts a spite against me. So I was silent. They went and warned my father, requesting him to forbid me to learn the English language, lest I should fall into English customs, and despise my own religion. On this my father forbade me, saying, 'I do not like your going to learn the English language and writing; for not a single Mahomedan learns these, and many people say there is something bad in it, and that it tends to hurt our religion.' Now, when I heard the words of my father, I considered a while, and asked myself, ' From what clique does this foolish talk come to my father? Thus long has he advised me to perfect myself, and now he is angry that I have become so.' Then I asked, 'Why does my father forbid me to learn these things?' And he replied, 'Because many men tell me that harm will come to you by your following English customs, for they are a race skilled in gaining influence over the mind of mankind. I am afraid that harm will come to you by your following their teachings.' Then I replied, 'Is it not right to follow good customs, and to cast aside evil habits; and if from a simpleton I become learned, would that hurt my peace now? You, O father,

have listened to the warnings of fools; they have a spite against me, because I told their children to learn, rather than to sit in idleness and nothingness. Would it not be better for them to learn?' Then said my father, 'You are now clever with your tongue; I am not able to wrangle with you. When you were little, I could correct you; now you are big I am afraid of you.' To this I replied, 'Let me not be lifted up thus. Even if I were a prince, if I be wrong, I shall be amenable to my father's pleasure.' When my father heard this, he went into his room to seek a rattan cane to flog me."



"DEBAWA pintu itu ada satu batu alas pintu itu. Maka adala kera-kera tujah delapan puloh ringit. Maka samoa-nia orang. orang itu mendirikan pintu itu serta terdiri maka tampar ulih Tuan Milne pintu itu serta bertriak-nia nama-nia ruma itu Anglo-Chinese College. Maka itula menjeddi nama ruma itu salama-lama-nia. Maka sitella itu masing-masing pun kambalila. Maka adala kera-kera sataun libbi membachi ruma itu. Maka sudala lalu eia pun pindala deri ruma lama ka ruma baru itu. Maka ruma lama itu pun de-rubbahkan de-jeddikan rata akan halaman baru itu ada-nia. Maka adala pada zaman itu terlalu ramei anak-anak China dan Nasrani dan Malayu belajar dalam college. Maka adala juga ampat lima sampei sapuloh iang menjeddi pandei membacha dan menulis basa Ingris. Maka deripada katiga itula de Malaka kabaniakan orang iang tau bertutor Ingris. Maka segala peranakan Holunda iang dalam Malaka pun samoa-nia tela menuker hadat hadat-nia dan basa-nia deripada pakian-nia deripada laki laki dan perum-puan-nia, seklian-nia menurut Ingris. Adapun bebrapa pulo kali de suroh kan ulih tuan tuan itu menchari ana-ana Malayu sopaya bulih eia belajar dan mengtani membacha dan menulis bai basa Malayu bai

basa Ingris. Maka ulih sebab bodo-nia itu takut nanti menjeddi Ingris tiadala eia mau datang krana pada sangkania dingan kras nanti de tangkap de masokan Ingris. Maka bebrapa kali suda aku ingatkan akan marika-itu sorta membri tau marika-itu bawa sakali kali tida Ingris itu hauda memasokan kamu kadolam igama-nia kalan angkan sindiri tida ridla meleinkan sopaia kamu bulih mengtani basa kamu dan bulih mengtani basa Ingris kalak deblakung terlalu bania guna-nia angkan seklian bulih menchari kahidupan dingan muda-nia dan lagi bulih de-ajarkan-nia elma kera-kera bukanka berguna kapada kamu seklian kera-kera itu. Maka jekalan tida tau kera-kera bagimana handa kamu berniaga joal bili dan lagi bebrapa bania nasihat ku akan marika-itu tida piga de andakan-nia. Maka terlibeh-libeh aku mengajar akan deia maka de taroh kan-nia pula champuran akan-d-aku dalam pikeran-nia aku handa merosakan deia sampei datangla dinki dalam hati marika-itu akan-d-aku. Maka diem diem marika-itu piggi mengasut bapaku melarangkan aku jangan piggi mengajar basa Ingris itu nanti kalak eia menurut hadat Ingris dan rosa igama. Maka bapaku itupun melarangkan akan-d-aku kata-nia aku tida suka angkan piggi belajar basa Ingris dan surat-nia krana sorong pun orang Islam tida belajar itu dan bania orang mengatakan pekrejaan itu tida bai eia-itu merosakan igama kita ada-nia. Maka apobila ku dingar kan pukataan bapaku itu maka tundola aku sambi, berpikir derimassa karangan-nia datang-nia perkataan bodo ini kapada bapaka. Maka sekian lama-nia de ajar-nia aku sopaia menjeddi pandei maka sekarang ini marah pula eia sebab menjeddi pandei. Maka jawab ku apaka sebab-nia bapa melarangkan saya piggi belajar itu. Maka kata-nia krana bania orang-orang kata sama ku bawa angkan nanti rosa sebab menurut hadat Ingris itu krana eia-itu bangsa terlalu pandei membojok hati orang-aku takut angkan nanti rosa sebab menurut pengajaran itu. Maka jawab ku bukanka patut kita menurut hadat iang bai dan memboang hadat iang jahat maka kalan deripada bodo menjeddi pandei rosaka nama-nia. Maka bapa meningarkan asutan orang bodo

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