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Marquardt, Roman antiquities, 120.
Maurice, The Workman and the Fran-
chise, 115.

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Modern Ministry, Some Conditions of,

Palestine, Geography of, 282-299.
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Percival, Life by Ward, 131.
Porter, Cities of Bashan, &c., 125.
Pyramids, according to Prof. Smyth,

Rammohun Roy in England, 250.
Récamier, Madame, and her Friends,

Schack, Poetry of the Arabs in Spain
and Sicily, 122.

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Furness), 105, 186-200.
Spencer, Herbert, and his Reviewers,
200-223-"Descriptive Geometry,"
202-law of Evolution, 205
lar hypothesis, 207-charge of
materialism and atheism, 209-

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Force in consciousness, 211- -corre-
lation and transformation of Force,
215 Force and the unknowable,
220-nature of religion, 221 — letter
on intolerance, 222.

Staunton's Great Schools of England,


Ti-ping Tien-Kwoh (Ti-ping Revolu-
tion), 127.

Trinity, the truth underlying the doc-
trine, 36-51.

Venice, Life in (Howell's), 114.
Weeks' Poems, 393

Western Emigration and Character,
265-282- the emigrating races, 267

- Western New York, 268 - the
Northwest, 269-the radical North,
its future power, 273-the West,
south of 40°, 274— social life, 276 –
the German element, 278.

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on the Beach," 382.

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Cambridge: Press of John Wilson & Son.

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