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While it is day let man his work pursue:

There comes the night when he no more can do.

Complete what you will, but the world is complete ;
Computed each thing by the Maker discreet.

He rattles the dice, note the numbers they threw,
They cast thee a path, now the journey pursue;
For nothing is altered by worry and fret,

They plunge thee for ever in useless regret.

When the heavy-laden cry,

Hope and succor me deny!
All the time a healing word
Waits in friendship to be heard.

"How awkwardly hast thou proceeded
Since Fortune to thy dwelling came!
She does not seem it to have heeded,
A brace of times returns the dame.

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My inheritance how broad and how sublime!
Time is my possession, my seed-field is Time.

Good perform in love of goodness purely!
That commit to every vein!

Through the children if it runneth poorly,
For some grandchild 'twill remain.

Adept of heart profound, of grandest ways,
Of highest intellect, Enweri, says,—

In every time and place will profit thee
Uprightness, judgment, and urbanity.2

Complainest thou of enemies?

Could they be friends and take thy part To whom the nature that thou art

A still reproach for ever is?

Nothing is stupider to bear

Than when the stupid tell the wise
That in great days of enterprise
A meek demeanor they should wear.

If God so bad a neighbor were
As I am and as thou art,

Neither could claim to worth prefer :
He leaves each one to play his part.

Agreed! The poets of the Orient
Are greater than we of the Occident.
But there 's wherein we fully mate them,
'Tis when we have our peers and hate them.

Each in every thing would topmost be,
So through all the world it goes.

Each forsooth may topping be,
But only in the thing he knows.

From Thy just anger, God, protect!
Hedge-sparrows pipe and get respect.

Would envy be demolished quite,
Leave it to eat its appetite.

One to keep himself respected
Must bristly be all o'er.
Every thing is chased by falcons,
Excepting the wild-boar.

The tribe of parsons saw me
Across their squint and spleen :
If crookedly they draw me,

I am not straightly seen.

He loves to name a hero and to prize
Who himself has striven to be bold.
No one human worth can recognize
Who has not suffered heat and cold.

Good perform in love of goodness purely! What thou doest thou canst not engross : Couldst thou hold it thus securely,

'Twould keep thy children rather close.

Lest thou shouldst find next door the vilest thief, Conceal thy gold, thy goings, thy belief.

How is it, that in every place is heard

Such good to praise, such folly to contemn? The youths repeat the ancientest word, And think, 'tis suitable for them.

Be not piqued by time nor chance
To explaining and defending,
Sages stoop to ignorance

With the ignorant contending.

Wherefore is Truth so wide and far?
Or has it vanished down some burrow?

In nick of time none ready are!
If one perceived it ere the morrow,
Truth would be near, and void of sorrow.

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Is not God to both of us provider
Of an interest in these days?

"The night is darksome, but with God there's light." Why has He left us, then, in this dim plight?

What a parti-colored party!

At God's table friends and foes are hearty.

Ye say that I'm a stingy man :
Then give what I set flying can.

Would you the horizon see,

You must climb the roof with me.

The mute with little care are plied:
Beneath the tongue a man can hide.

A master with two drudges
Will not be nicely kept.

A house in which two women are
Will be badly swept.

Dear witless people, still persist


In saying, Autos epha! *

Why should not man and wife insist, –

So Adam says, and Eva.

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