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This it means, that I just love her,
And not this nor that one yonder.
Only spare me, then, good people,
All your itching and your wonder.

Yes, she sweeps with mighty glances

All around; but mine the greeting, For she seeks but to convey me Hint of the next happy meeting.


"BUSY are we gossip-hunters,

With an ardor unabated,

To spy out who is your mistress,
And to whom she is related.

"We observe that thou art smitten, This to thee concede with pleasure; But 'tis hard for us to credit

Thee she loves in equal measure."

Seek her, sirs, there 's naught to hinder; Only listen, if ye knew her,

Oh, 'twere shocking! but, not knowing, How with doting ye pursue her !

Know ye how Schehâb-ed-dîn 1
Dropped on Arafat his mantle ?
Lovers leave alone, permitting
Each his love affair to handle.

If thy name is ever spoken

In the presence of the monarch, Or before the much beloved,

'Tis to thee a costly token.

So 'twas Medschnun's sharpest sorrow When he thought death's moment came, That thenceforth, before his Leila,

No one should repeat his name.


"SUCH a noon as Thought has made!
In my soul no spot of shade;
Least and greatest lying plain,
Hope of mystery was vain.

"Would you mystery receive,
And in miracle believe,
Wading out until some sea
Lifts the heart and sets it free?

"Then let Thought be shod with air, Put on Daylight for its wear, Colorless and limpid laws :

In them stars and twilights pause."



ET the counsel of the lyre be heard;

But thy genius must be that which hears.

Scorn awaits the happiest word,

If the listener have wry ears.

What, then, says the lyre? Sounds clear and wide,
The fairest is not aye the finest bride ;

Yet would we count thee comrade of our mind,
The Fairest to be Best hope thou to find.


IVE things there are which cannot breed five more ;


For this high doctrine keep an open door.

The haughty breast can never nurse a friend;

Meanness has peers whose manners cannot mend;
True honor's place a scoundrel cannot win ;
Grudge has no pity for a naked skin;

The liar is not paid in loyalty:

Hold fast: let no one filch this faith from thee.

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