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Now with peal of all the thunder, And the sky with lightning fretted, Will the dust-cloud wild and whirling

Down to teeming soil be wetted.

And at once there 's Life created,
Holy, secret power is swelling,
And it greens and deepens greener
Round the places of our dwelling.

Over the dust a shadow black
Is my dear one's companion;

Then to dust I turned myself,

But the shadow o'er me went its way.

Why should I not use the figure

That most suits my mind? We a type of life from Allah In the turban wind.

Why should I not use a figure
Just as I'm inclined?
In the eyes of my beloved

Allah speaks his mind.



ELL it not except to sages,
For it is of mobs the game,

I commend whatever rages

Living for a death by flame.

When to dusk love's day that makes thee
As thou makest is declining,

Distant feeling overtakes thee
From the taper's quiet shining.

Dost no longer stay belonging
To the shadow and the setting,
Freshly draws another longing
Thee to loftier begetting.

Not too nice about the distance, Coming winged as if bann'd, Lightward, with the moth's persistence, Art at length a sated brand.

Dost thou shun the great behest,
This, Become by Dying!

Thou art but a sorry guest


On this dull earth stying.



AKETH then a simple reed
All the planet sweeter !

Down my quill may somewhat speed
Pleasant to the eater!


LET the word be called the bride,

The bridegroom the spirit:

He has seen them thus allied
Who knows Hafis' merit.

"Thou foolish Hafis! Say do churls Know the worth of Oman's pearls? Give the gem which dims the moon To the noblest, or to none."

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