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If ye piously in each lamp's flicker
See a hint of light that's higher, quicker,
Never a mishap shall hinder meeting
God upon His throne of morn for greeting.

'Tis the monarch-seal of every being,
Spotless mirror for the angels' seeing:
What in praise of Him ye only falter,
Gathers there round altar after altar:

Leaves the shore of Senderud ascending,
Over Darnawend its pinions bending
Turns at dawning cheerly to address you,
Ever from the mount of Light to bless you.

When on earth a man is happy,

Since the sun takes there his nooning,
And the vine delights, whose sappy
Tear follows the sharp pruning,
As in surmise that its juices,
Mellow'd by the weather's brewing,
Souls of many gaily looses,

But brings many more to rueing:
Then he thanks the sultry heaven
Over all the blossoming:

If to stammering some are given,
Sober joy the others sing.


I WAS ever a fighter, so- one fight more,

The best and the last!

I would hate that death bandaged my eyes, and forbore,
And bade me creep past.

No let me taste the whole of it, fare like my peers

The heroes of old,

Bear the brunt, in a minute pay glad life's arrears
Of pain, darkness, and cold.

For sudden the worst turns the best to the brave,
The black minute 's at end,

And the elements' rage, the fiend-voices that rave,

Shall dwindle, shall blend,

Shall change, shall become first a peace, then a joy,

Then a light, then thy breast,

O thou soul of my soul !





HE real Moslem speaks of Paradise
As if himself had been already there;

He trusts the Koran as it testifies,

On its pure doctrine grounded, has no care.

But still the Prophet, framer of each verse,

Above there has our weakness scented out, He sees that, spite the thunder of his curse,

Our faith will oft embitter'd be with doubt.

Therefore he sends from the eternal places

A type of youth, that maketh young again: Down floats she here, and with no lingering graces She puts around my neck the dearest chain.

Upon my bosom, at my heart I hold

The pith of heaven, care not more to know: And now in Paradise believe tenfold,

For I could be for ever kissing so.



After the Battle of Bedr, under the starry sky.

MAHOMET speaks.

ET slain foes lamented be by others,

No return of life to them is yonder:

But waste not a tear upon your brothers,

For above those spheres of light they wander.

All the Seven Planets turning steady
On their metal hinges open wide,
The transfigur'd comrades knock already
At the gates of Paradise with pride.

And they find unhop'd-for joys unravel,
Grandeurs which my flight had touched upon
In the moments when my steed of marvel,
All exploring, through the skies had gone.

Tree of knowledge like to cypress growing
Apples lifts of golden charm in air,
Leaves of Life an ample shade are throwing

O'er the arbors screen'd with roses there.

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