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Exhibitions of Sanitary Apparatus and Appliances shall be held from time to time as the Council may direct.

Fellows, Members, Associates, and Subscribers shall have the right of Free Admission to the Exhibitions of the Institute whenever they are open. All fees payable by Exhibitors and the Public shall be fixed by the Council and belong to the Institute.

A Catalogue shall be published under the direction of the Council as a permanent record of the Exhibitions.

The Institute shall take such steps as may be within its power to obtain a complete registration of sickness, especially of preventible diseases.

The Institute shall endeavour to secure the services of medical men and others specially qualified to give lectures on subjects relating to the prevention and spread of disease.

The Institute shall encourage the formation of classes for technical instruction in Sanitary Science in such a way as may seem advisable to the Council.

A Library shall be formed in connection with the Institute.


FOR 1886-7.

TEN years have now passed since the Institute was established, a period marked by a rapid increase in Sanitary knowledge, and a general recognition and application of the laws of hygiene. The Institute, endeavouring to keep pace with this advancement, has each year shewn steady progress in the work that it has sought to achieve, work which now receives a large amount of practical recognition from the public.

The Cash Statement shows a steady improvement in the financial position of the Institute; the receipts being larger than in any previous year, and although the expenses also shew an increase, the Council have reason to be satisfied with the general financial position of the Institute.

The Anniversary Meeting was, by kind permission of the Board of Managers, held in the theatre of the Royal Institution on July 8th, 1886. The Chair was taken by Sir Robert Rawlinson, C.B., VicePresident of the Institute, by whom the Medals and Certificates awarded at the Exhibition at Leicester in 1885, were presented to the successful Exhibitors. Dr. T. Whiteside Hime, Medical Officer of Health, Bradford, read a paper on "Pasteur and Preventive Inoculation against Zymotic Diseases."

The Annual Congress was held in the city of York, under the Presidency of Sir Spencer Wells, Bart., and the meeting was most successful. The arrangements made by the Local Committee were complete and satisfactory: the attendance was considerably larger than usual; 150 Members were present, and 250 Tickets were taken by Associates of the Congress, giving a total attendance of 400. The papers read were above the average; a full report of the proceedings, with the papers and discussions, will be found in the forthcoming volume of the Transactions, Vol. VIII.


At the suggestion of the Local Committee a new feature was added to the work of the Congress, viz.: a Conference of Medical Officers of Health, held in connection with the Sanitary Science and Preventive Medicine Section. To this Conference Medical Officers from all parts of the kingdom were invited, and subjects which come specially within their province were brought forward and discussed.

The Fine Art and Industrial Buildings, in which the Exhibition was held, were among the most suitable that have ever been placed at the disposal of the Institute. Besides the Hall used for the Exhibits, Picture Galleries in the building were thrown open to the visitors.

A Model Dairy was fitted up, and demonstrations of butter making, &c., and Cookery Lectures were given each day in the Exhibition.

The Electric Light was used throughout the building, considerably enchancing the attractiveness of the Exhibition, which was visited by 30,000 persons during the twenty-three days that it was open. There were one hundred and thirty Exhibitors. The Judges awarded eleven Bronze Medals of the Institute, eleven Special Certificates, and fifty-six Certificates the Special Certificates being awarded to articles which had received Medals at previous Exhibitions of the Institute. Forty-two Exhibits were deferred for further practical trial and testing, and it is expected that the result of these trials will be reported at the Anniversary Meeting in July, when the Medals and Certificates. will be presented.

The Examinations, which the Council feel to be one of the most important branches of the work of the Institute, are rapidly progressing in public favour. Each year an increasing number of candidates present themselves for examination, and the value of the Certificate is more widely recognised. Many Sanitary Authorities in the provinces, and several in London, mention the Certificate of the Institute in advertising for new Inspectors.

At the Examination in June sixty Candidates presented themselves ten for the Local Surveyor Certificate, and fifty for the Inspector of Nuisances Certificate. Five Candidates were certified to be competent, as regards their sanitary knowledge, to discharge the duties of Local Surveyor, and forty-four to discharge those of Inspector of Nuisances. At the Examination in November, sixtyfour Candidates presented themselves: nine for the Local Surveyor

Certificate, and fifty-five for the Inspector of Nuisances Certificate Five Candidates were certified to be competent, as regards their sanitary knowledge, to discharge the duties of Local Surveyor, and forty-two to discharge those of Inspector of Nuisances. Unsuccessful Candidates are privileged to offer themselves a second time without further payment.

The Courses of Lectures for Sanitary Inspectors and others, arranged by the Parkes Museum, have proved very successful, and have been of great assistance to Candidates coming up for the Examinations of the Institute.

The publication of a selection of the works of Mr. John Simon, C.B., which the Council mentioned in their last Report, will, it is expected, take place in the current year.

The proposal to publish these writings has been much appreciated, as evidenced by the Subscription list, already verging on 500 names. The Council have to report with much regret the death of the Hon. Francis G. Molyneux and Dr. J. Gilchrist, Fellows; Henry Masters, M. Ogle Tarbotton, M.INST.C.E., E. Carleton Tufnell, and Thomas Waller, Members; and Lt.-General S. J. Batten, Subscriber.

Since the last Annual Meeting there have been elected 1 Fellow, 13 Members, and 18 Associates. The roll of the Institute comprised at the close of 1886: 92 Fellows, 192 Members, 64 Associates, 11 Subscribers, and 29 Honorary Foreign Associates: making a total of 388.

The retiring members of Council are: H. Percy Boulnois, M.INST.C.E.; W. Collingridge, M.A., M.D.; H. H. Collins, F.R.I.B.A.; Director-Gen. Sir Thomas Crawford, K.C.B., M.D.; R. B. Grantham, M.INST.C.E.; and M. Ogle Tarbotton, M.INST.C.E. (deceased).

The following gentlemen are nominated by the Council for election at the Annual Meeting to fill the vacancies thus created; Ernest Carritt, A.R.I.B.A.; C. E. Cassal, F.C.S., F.I.C.; W. Horton Ellis, F.R.MET.SOC.; Inspector-Gen. R. Lawson; Louis Parkes, M.D.; Edward Pritchard, M.INST.C.E.

Lectures upon Sanitary subjects have been given in the Parkes Museum during the year, and the Members of the Institute have had the privilege of attending these as well as of using the Library of the Museum, which contains a large number of works on Sanitary and allied subjects.

The Council referred in their last Report to the question of amalgamating with the Parkes Museum, which has been for some time under consideration. The proposed amalgamation has been fully approved by both Societies, and a joint petition has been presented to Her Majesty praying for the grant of a Royal Charter of Incorporation under the title of the SANITARY INSTITUTE. This petition was very influentially supported, and is now under the consideration of the Privy Council.

The Council have accepted an invitation to hold the ensuing Annual Congress and Exhibition in Bolton, a very thriving and energetic town. They trust that the visit of the Institute there will prove very successful, and result in much benefit to the inhabitants and locality of Bolton.


26th May, 1887.

By order,



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