The Chess Player's Chronicle, Volume 3

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R. Hastings, 1842 - Chess

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Page 193 - If evidence be required to prove that chess was invented by the Hindus, we may be satisfied with the testimony of the Persians ; who, though as much inclined as other nations to appropriate the ingenious inventions of a foreign people, unanimously agree, that the game was imported from the west of India, together with the charming fables of Vishnusarman in the sixth century of our era.
Page 297 - KP two squares 2 K. Kt. to B. third 3 KB to QB fourth 4 QBP one square , 5 QP two squares 6 P.
Page 208 - ... obliquely, traversing three squares ; " and the ship goes over two squares diagonally." The elephant, we find, has the powers of our queen, as we are pleased to call the minister, or general, of the Persians ; and the ship has the motion of the piece to which we give the unaccountable appellation of bishop ; but with a restriction which must greatly lessen his value. The bard next exhibits a few general rules and superficial directions for the conduct of the game : " the pawns and the ship both...
Page 389 - This brief article is the record of more than sport and fashion : it is a phenomenon in the history of man, and so should be hoarded among the best samples of human memory, till memory shall be no more.
Page 193 - Shatranj, which found its way presently into the modern Persian, and at length into the dialects of India, where the true derivation of the name is known only to the learned...
Page 208 - VYA'SA were, to a certain degree, regulated by chance ; for he proceeds to tell his Royal pupil, that, " if cinque be thrown, the King or a pawn must be moved; if quatre, the elephant; if trois, the horse; and if deux, the boat.
Page 340 - KB to QB fourth 4. B. takes Q. Kt. P. 5. B. to QB fourth 6. P. to Q. third 7. P. takes P. 8. B. to Q. Kt. third 9. Kt. to QR fourth 10.
Page 210 - Peri<ia with many lively reflections on human life. It appears that this privilege of Shatpada was not allowable, in the opinion of Gotama, when a player had three pawns on the board ; but, when only one pawn and one ship remained, the pawn might advance even to the square of a king or a ship, and assume the power of either...
Page 98 - Leinster, without taking his leave of the monarch, or any of his household, to shew that he was bent upon desperate revenge. The good monarch on hearing of his departure, sent one of his servants after him to request his reconciliation with Morogh ; the servant overtook him east of the Shannon not far from Killaloe and delivered his message from the monarch. Maelmordha, who all the while listened with indignation, as soon as the servant was done speaking, raised the rod of yew which he had in his...
Page 209 - Gotama, unless he be compelled for want of room, for he " would thus commit a dangerous fault; and, if he can slay one of two hostile " elephants, he must destroy that on his left hand.

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