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THE STOMACH IN VARIOUS STAGES, From Health to Death, by Delirium Tremens.

These diagrams are taken from drawings made from actual dissections in 1842, by Dr. Sewall, of Washington, D. C.

Perfect accuracy is not claimed, as no two cases would probably present exactly the same appearance; but it is claimed that they give a truthful illustration of the ravages resulting from the introduction of the poison alcohol into the healthful stomach, and forever settle the question that the injury commences with the first glass-with the moderate (falsely termed temperate) use of this poison.

Before these representations were submitted to the public in 1842, those celebrated surgeons, Dr. Warren, of Boston, Dr. Mott, of New York, and Dr. Horner, of Philadelphia, endorsed them. In 1843, after a lengthened discussion as to the principle more especially involved in the second stomach in the series, the same distinguished anatomists re-endorsed them, and recommended their universal circulation for the instruction of all classes.

WESTMINSTER REVIEW, LONDON. This influential Review, in 1855, defended the moderate use of alcohol in health, as necessary, indeed, as food for the body. Prof. Youmans, and others, of the United States, and learned writers in Great Britain, exposed the fallacy of this position.

Now, in 1860, this same Journal magnanimously acknowledges that recent scientific French investigators of the highest rank, have exploded this doctrine, asserting that alcohol is a poison, and always pernicious as a beverage in health. By the use of alcohol, they say: "The pathological alterations are very vivid inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach."

"Very lately," says Dr. James McCulloch, of Scotland, "Messrs Lallemand, Perrin and Duroy in France, and Dr. Edward Smith, L.L.B., F.R.S., in London, have published a number of carefully conducted experiments, and most important discoveries, proving that alcohol undergoes no change in the body, it being expelled unchanged by the lungs, skin and kidneys;" and that, in the words of Dr. Smith, it should be prescribed medicinally, as carefully as any other poisonous agent."

The British Medical Journal, lately in a leader, appears willing to accept the improved scientific status quo as touching alcohol. It says: "The subject of the use of alcohol is daily becoming one of more importance. The question of its influence on the body in health is being daily canvassed by the chemist and physiologist; and, as far as their lights reach, it would seem that not only is alcohol not of service to the body, but is actually injurious."

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