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THE present number concludes the second volume of the Magazine under the above title. At the meeting of the General Conference in August last, the Committee on the Magazine recommended the discontinuance of the Magazine, and the substitution of a weekly paper-in this respect following the example of our American brethren, who relinquished the publication of the New Jerusalem Magazine for the publication of the Messenger. It is unquestionable that the most attractive feature of a New Church periodical is its record of the progress of the Church, which is more appropriately presented in a weekly than a monthly publication.

The Magazine cannot in this respect compete with the Messenger, Morning Light, and The Dawn, which are published weekly. It is proposed, however, in the new volume to give a monthly summary of the progress of the Church, in place of the fragmentary notices which have hitherto appeared. The reader of the Magazine will thus be made acquainted in brief space with the leading facts of New Church history and action, for the fuller particulars of which he will continue to be dependent upon the weekly papers.

The Church is quite equal to the support of both a weekly and a monthly serial, and the publication of both is, on many accounts, most desirable. Each has its own special province of use. While the more ephemeral publications seek to instruct and interest at the time by a fuller description of passing events, the Magazine aims to illustrate the truths of the New Church in a manner that shall more permanently interest its members, and to note the relation of current thought and culture in the world around us to the New Age on which we

have entered, and of which the New Church is the crowning promise and hope. The value and importance of this position is so fully appreciated, that the continuance of the Magazine is earnestly desired by a large body of the members of the Church, and it has come to the Editor's knowledge that the discontinuance of the Magazine would be regarded with deep regret by many of its readers.

If relinquished, therefore, by the Conference, it would in all probability, as in America, be re-established by private enterprise. No publication, however, can long continue which does not pay the expenses of its publication. For some years this has not been done by the Magazine. The loss since the change of title has not been large, yet it is sufficient to create uneasiness. A comparatively small increase in the number of our regular subscribers would meet all the demands on its publication. And the attainment of this increase ought not to be difficult. If our present subscribers would draw the attention of members and friends of the Church, especially of those who are interested in New Church reading and culture, to the subject, many additional subscribers might be added to our list, and the success of the Magazine assured.

The Editor at the close of the year has only to assure his readers that every effort on his part will be made to render the Magazine worthy the support of the Church. The several writers who have enriched its pages in the past, will continue their contributions in the future, and we hope to add to their number. Some improvements will also be made in the appearance of the Magazine, and, with the earnest co-operation of our readers and subscribers, we hope to carry forward the work to a complete success.

[blocks in formation]

Laws respecting Food enjoined on the
Israelites, 215

Leaven, Correspondence of, 156, 323

Letters on America, 23, 60, 119, 206

314, 471

Liberty and Authority, 369

Augmentation Fund, 284

Bearing the Cross, 263

Beauty of Holiness, The, 193

Beecher, H. W., Confessions of Faith,

[blocks in formation]

Centenary of the New Church, 561

Christianity is Christ, 255

City of God, The, 377

Consciousness of Christ, 387

telligent Beings, 106

Metropolitan and Provincial Hospitals,


Origin and Breathing of Metals,


Origin and Growth of the New Church,


Cook, Rev. J., and Swedenborg, 78, Pleasant Month in France, 574


[blocks in formation]


Schools in Beyrout, Lebanon, and

Damascus, 492

Sermon before the General Conference,

Social Reform, 282, 324

Some Spiritual Diseases, 383, 524

Swedenborg, Rev. J. Cook and, 78,


[blocks in formation]

Societies, 241

Washington, 206

Worship, Remarks on Public, 171

All Degrees of Man's Life Good if in
Due Order, 368

Clissold, Rev. A., In Memoriam, 54

Flowers, 93

Hark to the Lark, 94

[blocks in formation]

Accrington, 95

Swedenborg verified by the Progress of American New Church Tract and

the Past Hundred Years, 501

Sydney New Church Series, 554

Publication Society, 239
Augmentation Fund, 142

[blocks in formation]

Page 82, five lines from bottom, for "whom" read "which."

Page 94, for "Begg" read" Bragg."

Page 240, Argyle Square, for "210" read “21.”

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Page 388, line 21, for "Apothesis " read "Apotheosis."
Page 389, line 4, for "quantitative" read "qualitative."
Page 390, line 3, for as representing" read "represent."
Page 392, line 13, for "premises " read "premisses."
Page 396, line 20, for "Israel" read "Sarah."

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