Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Volume 6, Part 1

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G.H. Rouse, Baptist Mission Press, 1837 - Asia

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Page 468 - God! art the author of all things which have been made, and from thee will originate all things which are to be made. Thou art the maker, and the cause of all things made. There is none other but thee. 4. He is my God, who maketh all things perfect. Meditate upon him in whose hands are life and death.
Page 48 - Suppose a man born blind, and now adult, and taught by his touch to distinguish between a cube and a sphere of the same metal, and nighly of the same bigness, so as to tell, when he felt one and the other, which -is the cube, which the sphere.
Page 147 - China, were drawn up in front of each other when this negotiation took place; and after its conclusion, each party made presents to the other, agreeably to former custom, and retired. All men, the subjects of the sun-descended king and master of the golden palace of Ava, who may be in any part of the dominions of the master of the golden palace of China, shall be treated according to former custom. Peace and friendship being established between the two great countries, they shall become one, like...
Page 580 - In the twelfth year of my anointment, a religious edict (was) published for the pleasure and profit of the world ; having destroyed that (document) and regarding my former religion as sin, I now for the benefit of the world proclaim the fact. And this (among my nobles, among my near relations, and among my...
Page 452 - Since 1834 also my acquaintance with ancient alphabets had become so familiar that most of the remaining letters in the present examples could be named at once on re-inspection. In the course of a few minutes I thus became possessed of the whole alphabet, which I tested by applying it to the inscription on the Delhi column.
Page 582 - Thus spake king Devanampiya Piyadasi : — ' The present moment and the past have departed under the same ardent hopes. How by the conversion of the...
Page 581 - I therefore cause to be destroyed ; and I proclaim the same in all the congregations ; while I pray with every variety of prayer for those who differ from me in creed, that they following after my proper example may with me attain unto eternal salvation : wherefore the present edict of religion is promulgated in this twenty -seventh year of my anointment.
Page 567 - In religion is the chief excellence ; but religion consists in good works : in the non-omission of many acts ; mercy and charity, purity and chastity ; (these are) to me the anointment of consecration. Towards the poor and the afflicted, towards bipeds and quadrupeds, towards the fowls of the air and things that move in the waters, manifold have been the benevolent acts performed by me.
Page 492 - The devatas, in order that they might make his (Buddhaghosa's) gifts of wisdom celebrated among men, rendered that book invisible. He, however, for a second and third time recomposed it. When he was in the act of producing his book for the third time, for the purpose of propounding it, the devatas restored the other two copies also.
Page 589 - Let the priests deeply versed in the faith (or let my doctrines ?) penetrate among the multitudes of the rich capable of granting favours, and let them penetrate alike among all the unbelievers, whether of ascetics or of householders and let them penetrate into the assemblies (?) for my sake. Moreover, let them for my sake find their way among the Brahmans and the most destitute...

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