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they shall have expended for their dowers. Nor shall it be any crime in you if ye marry them, provided ye give them their dowries. And retain not the patronage of the unbelieving women: but demand back that which ye have expended for the dowry of such of your wives as go over to the unbelievers; and let them demand back that which they have expended for the dowry of those who come over to you. This is the judgment of GOD, which he establisheth among you: and GOD is knowing and wise. If any of your wives escape from you to the unbelievers, and ye have your turn by the coming over of any of the unbelievers' wives to you; give unto those believers whose wives shall have gone away, out of the dowries of the latter, so much as they shall have expended for the dowers of the former: and fear GOD, in whom ye believe. O prophet, when believing women come unto thee, and plight their faith unto thee, that they will not associate anything with GOD, nor steal, nor commit fornication, nor kill their children, nor come with a calumny which they have forged between their hands and their feet, nor be disobedient to thee in that which shall be reasonable: then do thou plight thy faith unto them, and ask pardon for them of GOD; for GOD is inclined to forgive, and merciful. O true believers, enter not into friendship with a people against whom GOD is incensed; they despair of the life to come, as the infidels despair of the resurrection of those who dwell in the graves.




WHATEVER is in heaven and in earth celebrateth the praise of GOD; for he is mighty and wise. O true believers, why do ye say that which ye do not? It is most odious in the sight of GOD, that ye say that which ye do not. Verily GOD loveth those who fight for his religion in battlearray, as though they were a well-compacted building. Re

member when Moses said unto his people, O my people, why do ye injure me; since ye know that I am the apostle of GOD sent unto you? And when they had deviated from the truth, GOD made their hearts to deviate from the right way; for GOD directeth not wicked people. And when Jesus the Son of Mary said, O children of Israel, verily I am the apostle of GOD sent unto you, confirming the law which was delivered before me, and bringing good tidings of an apostle who shall come after me, and whose name shall be Ahmed. And when he produced unto them evident miracles, they said, This is manifest sorcery. But who is more unjust than he who forgeth a lie against GOD, when he is invited unto Islam? And GOD directeth not the unjust people. They seek to extinguish GOD's light with their mouths: but GOD will perfect his light, though the infidels be averse thereto. It is he who hath sent his apostle with the direction, and the religion of truth, that he may exalt the same above every religion, although the idolaters be averse thereto. O true believers, shall I show you a merchandise which will deliver you from a painful torment hereafter? Believe in God and his apostle; and defend GOD's true religion with your substance, and in your own persons. This will be better for you, if ye knew it. He will forgive you your sins, and will introduce you into gardens through which rivers flow, and agreeable habitations in gardens of perpetual abode. This will be great felicity. And ye shall obtain other things which ye desire, namely, assistance from GOD, and a speedy victory. And do thou bear good tidings to the true believers. O true believers, be ye the assistants of GOD; as Jesus the son of Mary said to the apostles, Who will be my assistants with respect to GOD? The apostles answered, We will be the assistants of GOD. So a part of the children of Israel believed, and a part believed not: but we strengthened those who believed, above their enemy; wherefore they became victorious over them.




WHATEVER is in heaven and earth praiseth GOD; the King, the Holy, the Mighty, the Wise. It is he who hath raised up amidst the illiterate Arabians an apostle from among themselves, to rehearse his signs unto them, and to purify them, and to teach them the scriptures and wisdom; whereas before they were certainly in a manifest error; and others of them have not yet attained unto them, by embracing the faith; though they also shall be converted in God's good time; for he is mighty and wise. This is the free grace of GOD: he bestoweth the same on whom he pleaseth: and GOD is endued with great beneficence. The likeness of those who were charged with the observance of the law, and then observed it not, is as the likeness of an ass laden with books. How wretched is the likeness of the people who charge the signs of GOD with falsehood! and GOD directeth not the unjust people. Say, O ye who follow the Jewish religion, if ye say that ye are the friends of GOD above other men, wish for death, if ye speak truth. But they will never wish for it, because of that which their hands have sent before them: and GOD well knoweth the unjust. Say, Verily death, from which ye fly, will surely meet you: then shall ye be brought before him who knoweth as well what is concealed as what is discovered; and he will declare unto you that which ye have done. O true believers, when ye are called to prayer on the day of the assembly, hasten to the commemoration of GOD and leave merchandising. This will be better for you, if you knew it. And when prayer is ended, then disperse yourselves through the land as ye list, and seek gain of the liberality of GOD: and remember GOD frequently, that ye may prosper. But when they see any merchandising, or sport, they flock thereto, and leave thee standing up in the pulpit. Say, The reward which is with GOD is better than any sport or merchandise and GOD is the best provider.




WHEN the hypocrites come unto thee, they say, We bear witness that thou art indeed the apostle of GOD. And GOD knoweth that thou art indeed his apostle: but GOD beareth witness that the hypocrites are certainly liars. They have taken their oaths for a protection, and they turn others aside from the way of GOD: it is surely evil which they do. This is testified of them, because they believed, and afterwards became unbelievers: wherefore a seal is set on their hearts, and they shall not understand. When thou beholdest them, their persons please thee: and if they speak, thou hearest their discourse with delight. They resemble pieces of timber set up against a wall. They imagine every shout to be against them. They are enemies: wherefore beware of them. GOD curse them: how are they turned aside from the truth! And when it is said unto them, Come, that the apostle of GOD may ask pardon for you; they turn away their heads, and thou seest them retire big with disdain. It shall be equal unto them, whether thou ask pardon for them, or do not ask pardon for them: GOD will by no means forgive them; for GOD directeth not the prevaricating people. These are the men who say to the inhabitants of Medina, Do not bestow anything on the refugees who are with the apostle of GOD, that they may be obliged to separate from him. Whereas unto GOD belong the stores of heaven and earth but the hypocrites do not understand. They say, Verily, if we return to Medina, the worthier shall expel thence the meaner. Whereas superior worth belongeth unto GOD and his apostle, and the true believers: but the hypocrites know it not. 0 true believers, let not your riches or your children divert you from the remembrance of GOD: for whosoever doth this, they will surely be losers. And give alms out of that which we have bestowed on you; before death come unto one of you, and he say, O LORD, wilt thou not grant me respite for a short term that I may give alms, and become one of the

righteous? For God will by no means grant further espite to a soul, when its determined time is come: and GOD is fully apprised of that which ye do.




WHATEVER is in heaven and earth celebrateth the praises of GOD: his is the kingdom, and unto him is the praise due; for he is almighty. It is he who hath created you; and one of you is predestined to be an unbeliever, and another of you is predestined to be a believer: and GOD beholdeth that which ye do. He hath created the heavens and the earth with truth; and he hath fashioned you, and given you beautiful forms and unto him must ye all go. : He knoweth whatever is in heaven and earth: and he knoweth that which ye conceal, and that which ye discover; for GOD knoweth the innermost part of men's breasts. Have ye not been acquainted with the story of those who disbelieved heretofore, and tasted the evil consequence of their behavior? And for them is prepared in the life to come a tormenting punishment. This shall they suffer, because their apostles came unto them with evident proofs of their mission, and they said, Shall men direct us? Wherefore they believed not, and turned their backs. But GOD standeth in need of no person: for GOD is self-sufficient, and worthy to be praised. The unbelievers imagine that they shall not be raised again. Say, Yea, by my LORD, ye shall surely be raised again; then shall ye be told that which ye have wrought; and this is easy with GOD. Wherefore believe in GOD and his apostle, and the light which we have sent down: for GOD is well acquainted with that which ye do. On a certain day he shall assemble you, at the day of the general assembly: that will be the day of mutual deceit. And whoso shall believe in GOD, and shall do that which is right, from him will he expiate his evil deeds.

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