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Principles of Religion, NATURAL and REVE A L'D.

In NINE Parts:

I. Lemmata; or the known Laws of Matter and Motion.
II. A particular Account of the Syftem of the Universe.
III. The Truth of that Syftem briefly Demonstrated.
IV. Certain Obfervations drawn from that System.
V. Probable Conjectures of the Nature and Ufes of the
several Celestial Bodies contain'd in the fame Syftem.
VI. Important Principles of NATURAL RELIGION De-
monftrated from the foregoing Obfervations.

VII. Important Principles of DIVINE REVELATION Confirm'd from the foregoing Conjectures.

VIII. Such Inferences fhewn to be the common Voice of Nature and Reafon, from the Teftimonies of the most confiderable Perfons in all Ages.

IX. A Recapitulation of the Whole: With a Large and Serious Addrefs to all, especially to the Scepticks and Unbelievers of our Age.

Together with


Of the Temper of Mind neceffary for the Discovery of Divine Truth; and of the Degree of Evidence that ought to be expected in Divine Matters.

By WILLIAM WHISTON, M. A. Sometime Profeffor of the Mathematicks in the University of CAMBRIDGE.

LONDON: Printed for J. SENEX in Fleet-freet, W. and J. INNYS near St. Paul's, J. OSBORne, and T. LonGMÁN in Pater-Nofter-Row. MDCCXXV.


Sir Ifaac Newton,


And to the refst of the

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