Sacred Books of the East: Comprising the Vedic Hymns, Zend-Avesta, Dhammapada, Upanishads, the Koran and the Life of Buddha

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Colonial Press, 1900 - English literature - 457 pages
Including Selection From The Vedic Hymns, Zend-Avesta, Dhammapada, Upanishads, The Koran And The Life Of Buddha.

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Page 115 - All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts.
Page 214 - When thy Lord said unto the angels, I am going to place a substitute on earth ; they said, Wilt thou place there one who will do evil therein, and shed blood ? but we celebrate thy praise and sanctify thee. God answered, Verily I know that which ye know not...
Page 245 - When God said, O Jesus, verily I will cause thee to die, and I will take thee up unto me," and I will deliver thee from the unbelievers ; and I will place those who follow thee above the unbelievers, until the day of resurrection : then unto me shall ye return, and I will judge between you of that concerning which ye disagree.
Page 134 - Let a man overcome anger by love, let him overcome evil by good; let him overcome the greedy by liberality, the liar by truth!
Page 136 - The fault of others is easily perceived, but that of one's self is difficult to perceive; a man winnows his neighbour's faults like chaff, but his own fault he hides, as a cheat hides the bad die from the player.
Page 181 - A greater number of God's creatures believe in Mohammed's word at this hour than in any other word whatever. Are we to suppose that it was a miserable piece of spiritual legerdemain, this which so many creatures of the Almighty have lived by and died by ? I, for my part, cannot form any such supposition. I will believe most things sooner than that. One would be entirely at a loss what to think of this world at all, if quackery so grew and were sanctioned here.
Page 115 - He abused me, he beat me, he defeated me, he robbed me " — in those who do not harbor such thoughts hatred will cease. For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time: hatred ceases by love — this is an old rule.
Page 289 - I have not spoken to them any other than what thou didst command me ; namely, Worship GOD, my LORD and your LORD...
Page 215 - Will ye command men to do justice, and forget your own souls? yet ye read the book of the law : do ye not therefore understand? Ask help with perseverance and prayer; this indeed is grievous unless to the humble, who seriously think they shall meet their LORD, and that to him they shall return. O children of Israel, remember my favour wherewith I have favoured you, and that I have preferred you above all nations...
Page 253 - Koran."tJ 5. His doctrine of predestination was applicable, and was applied by him, to the same purpose of fortifying and of exalting the courage of his adherents " If anything of the matter had happened unto us, we had not been slain here. Answer ; If ye had been in your houses, verily they would have gone forth to fight, whose slaughter was decreed, to the places where they died."§ 6.

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