Medical Jurisprudence

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Blanchard & Lea, 1856 - Medical jurisprudence - 697 pages

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Page 638 - separately from any other medical practitioner, personally examined А. В., the person named in the accompanying statement or order, and that the said AB is a lunatic [or an idiot, or a person of unsound mind], and a proper person to be taken charge of, and detained under care and treatment,
Page 468 - as an argument of a child being the son of a parent, and the rather as the distinction between individuals in the human species is more discernible than between other animals. A man may survey ten thousand people before he sees two faces exactly
Page 199 - Whosoever shall stab, cut, or wound any person, or shall by any means whatsoever, cause to any person, any bodily injury dangerous to life, with intent in any of the cases aforesaid to commit murder, shall be guilty of felony.
Page 639 - c. 96, no medical practitioner who is interested in or attends a licensed house or hospital, or whose father, brother, son, partner, or assistant, is wholly or partly the proprietor of or a regular professional attendant in such house or hospital, shall sign any certificate for the reception of a patient into it.
Page 241 - indictment for murder or manslaughter, it shall not be necessary to set forth the manner in which or the means by which the death of the deceased was caused.
Page 638 - 2. Other facts (if any) indicating insanity communicated to me by others [here state the information, and from whom"]. 1. Facts indicating insanity observed by myself [here state the facts]. (Signed) Name. Place of abode. Dated this day of
Page 468 - in an army of a hundred thousand men, every man may be known from another. If there should be a likeness of feature, there may be a difference in the voice, gesture, or other characters ; whereas a family-likeness runs generally
Page 363 - child-murder walked a distance of twenty-eight miles in a single day, with her child on her back, two or three days after her delivery. (Case of Anderson, Aberdeen Spring Circ., 1829.)' Instances have even occurred in which women have walked six and eight miles on the very day of their delivery, without sensible inconvenience. (Criminal Law,
Page 653 - others should be sublimed into smelling salts, and that the remainder of his body should be vitrified into lenses for optical purposes !" He further added, in a letter attached to his will—" The world may think this to be done in a spirit of singularity or whim ; but I have a
Page 641 - discharge or removal; but under s. 85, this order is of no effect, if a medical practitioner certify that in his opinion such patient is dangerous and unfit to be at large, together with the grounds on which such opinion is founded, unless the commissioners

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