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Page 261 - Glasgow, for uninstructed readers. 37. Anthropology. By RR MARETT, Reader in Social Anthropology, Oxford. Seeks to plot out and sum up the general series of changes, bodily and mental, undergone by man in the course of history. "Excellent. So enthusiastic, so clear and witty, and so well adapted to the general reader.
Page 264 - Regius Professor of Modern History in Cambridge University. Summarizes the history of the long struggle between authority and reason and of the emergence of the principle that coercion of opinion is a mistake.
Page 255 - The author makes the history of this period circulate about constitutional ideas and slavery sentiment. 82. THE WARS BETWEEN ENGLAND AND AMERICA (1763-1815). By Theodore C. Smith, Professor of American History, Williams College. A history of the period, with especial emphasis on The Revolution and The War of 1812. GENERAL HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY 3. THE FRENCH REVOLUTION. By Hilaire Belloc. 4. A SHORT HISTORY OF WAR AND PEACE. By GH Perris, author of "Russia in Revolution,
Page 266 - Souls of Black Folks," etc. A history of the black man in Africa, America or wherever else his presence has been or is important.
Page 257 - Cole, Professor of Geology, Royal College of Science, Ireland. A study of the geology and physical geography in connection with the political geography.
Page 265 - Reveals to the nonfinancial mind the facts about investment, speculation, and the other terms which the title suggests. 6. IRISH NATIONALITY. By Mrs. JR Green. A brilliant account of the genius and mission of the Irish people. "An entrancing work, and I would advise everyone with a drop of Irish blood in his veins or a vein of Irish sympathy in his heart to read it.
Page 262 - Kapp, Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Birmingham. 54. THE MAKING OF THE EARTH. By JW Gregory, Professor of Geology, Glasgow University. 38 maps and figures. Describes the origin of the earth, the formation and changes of its surface and structure, its geological history, the first appearance of life, and its influence upon the globe. 56. MAN: A HISTORY OF THE HUMAN BODY. By A. Keith, MD, Hunterian Professor, Royal College of Surgeons, London.
Page 265 - Professor of Political Economy, University of Leeds. An outline of the recent changes that have given us the present conditions of the working classes and the principles involved.
Page 256 - Professor of Ancient History, Oxford. 30. ROME. By W. Warde Fowler, author of "Social Life at Rome,
Page 257 - British supremacy. 95. BELGIUM. By RCK Ensor, sometime Scholar of Balliol College. The geographical, linguistic, historical, artistic and literary associations. 100. POLAND. By J. Alison Phillips, University of Dublin. The history of Poland with special emphasis upon the Polish question of the present day.

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