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Examination Papers.

Being an Entire Series of

French Papers,

set from 1876 to the year 1880 to Candidates for Woolwich and Sandhurst; First
Appointments to the Royal Marine Artillery and Light Infantry;

the Staff College;

at the Local Examinations of the University of Oxford and Cambridge;
the London University;

and to Candidates for the Civil Service of India & Ceylon.

Especially adapted for the use of Schools and Students
reading for

Competitive and other Examinations,



Private Tutor at Hanover, late German Master at the Military College, Woolwich
Editor of the German Examination Papers with Notos.<<

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Preface to the third Edition.

In presenting this entirely new and enlarged Edition to the Public, and especially to the Students reading for Competitive and other Examinations, I beg to call attention to the fact, that during a period of more than twenty years, in which I have been engaged in preparing Candidates for such Examinations, I have found it exceedingly useful, thoroughly to work out with them a Series of Papers already set at previous Examinations; this being perhaps the truest test of their knowledge, and the best mode of making them understand to what standard of acquirements they must attain to in order to be successful.

Some of the Questions in Grammar and Literature have been intentionally repeated, that the Students may thereby observe which parts the Examiners consider to be the most important.

As this little work in its present form may also be used by more advanced Pupils as a French Reader, I have every reason to hope, that the patronage, with which my books have hitherto been favoured, will not only be continued, but extended.

Hanover, Easter 1881.

Prof. C. Rühle.

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