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C. G.-A piteous Platforme of an oppressed Mynde. London by

T. Gardiner. 8vo.

Black letter. Ritson's Bibl. Poet. 149.

C. G. See CAREW, George. CHAPMAN, George.


C. J.-Epigrams served up in fifty two several Dishes, by J. C. Gent. London (1601).

Bibl. Crofts. 5024. Restituta, iv. 9-10. Warton's Poetry. 8vo. iv. 401.


C. J. A pleasant Comedie, called Two merry Milke Maids, or the best Words weare the Garland, as acted by the Company of the Revels. Printed by B. Alsop, 1620. 4to.

Roxburghe, 4542, 13s. Reed, 8447, 11. Inglis' Old Plays, 119, 1. 3s.

C. J.The melancholy Cavalier, or Fancy's Master-Piece, a Poem by J. C. 1654. 12mo.

A copy is in the British Museum. Bindley, pt. i. 1400.

C. J.- Par Nobile: the Lives

and Deaths of Lady Frances Hobart and of Lady Katharine Courten. London, 1669. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

C. J.The Theatre of Catho

lique and Protestant Religion, written by J. C. Anno 1620. 8vo. 11. 1s.

and the whole of chap. 3. book ii. relates

A portion of this work, viz. p. 430, 438,

to the catholick history of Ireland.


C. M. See CARTER, Matthew.

C. R. The Blasinge of Bawdrie, daylie procured by Beldame B. principall Broker of all Iniquitie. London, 1574. 16mo.

C. H.-The Forest of Fancy: wherein is contained very prety Apothegmesand pleasant Histories, both in Meeter and Prose, Songs, In verse, commencing with a dialogue Sonets, &c. London by Tho. Pur-between the printer and the author. foote (1579). 4to.

A curious and interesting work, consisting of 58 leaves, by Warton ascribed to Henry Constable, and by Ritson to Henry Chettle.

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C.R.-A godlie Forme of householde Gouernment. London, 1598. 8vo.

Dedicated to Robert Burgaine of Roxall, &c. 384 pages. Again 1600. C. R. Harmony of the Muses. 1654.

Perry, pt. i. 2212, 31. 19s.


Cabala, sive Scrinia Sacra: Mys

C. R.-An Elegie sacred to the immortall Memorie of Lady Mar-teries of State and Government, in garet Smith. 4to.

With wood cut. Marq. of Townshend, 2993, 8s. 6d. Bindley, pt. iv. 1083.

C. R.-Minerva, or the Art of Weaving: containing the Antiquity. Utility and Excellency of Weaving. London, 1677. 4to. 3 pts. 15s.

In verse.

C. R.-A History of the English College at Doway. 1713. 12mo.

C. R. See CHAMBERLAINE, Richard. COTTON, Roger. CRASHAW, Richard. CROWLEY, Robert.

C. Ro.-Historicall Discourse of Muley Hamet's Rising to the three Kingdomes of Moruecos, Fes and Sus. London, 1609. 4to.

Black letter. Lloyd, 447, 2s. 6d.

C. S.-See CROXALL, Samuel. C. T.-A spirituall Purgation sent vnto al them that laboure of Luthers Errour, as touching the bodely Presens of Christe our Sauiour in the Sacrament, &c. London by Hugh Singleton. 8vo.

K, in eights, dedicated to Syr Thomas Wyat.

C. T.-A Glasse for the Times, &c. with a briefe collection of the Errors of our Times, and their Authors Names Collected by T. C. a Friend to Truth. London, 1648.


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C. T. See CARTWRIGHT, Thomas. CHURCHYARD, Thomas. COOPER, Thomas.

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Letters to which is added, in this third Edition, a second Part, consisting of a choice Collection of original Letters and Negotiations, never before published. London, 1691. folio.

Best edition. Dent, pt. i. 497, russia, 15s. Heath, 4433, 14, 16s. Roscoe, 477, 14. 16s. An excellent notice of this valuable but undigested mass, will be found in Lond. 1651. 4to. 2 vols. and vol. iii, entithe Retr. Rev. N. S. ii. 23.-First edition tled Scrinia Ceciliana. 1663. 4to.-Second edition. 1663. folio, pp. 416. and table, likewise a preface and alphabetical table. Garof five ministers in Charles the Second's rick, 533, 9s. The word Cabal is formed time; viz. Clifford, Ashby, Buckingham, Arlington and Lauderdale.

Cabinet. The rich Cabinet furDiscriptions, exquisite Characters, nished with a Varietie of exquisite witty Discourses, and delightful Histories. 18s.

London, 1616. 12mo.

Another work entitled The Golden Ca binet of true Treasure, containing the Summe of morall Philosophie. London, 1612. 18mo. 7s. 6d.

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The Cabinet of Mirth. 1674. Perry, pt. i. 2310, 18s. 6d. The Cabinet, by a Society of Gentlemen. Norwich, 1794-5. 12mo. 3 vols.

A political paper, published by a Society of Gentlemen at Norwich. It was commenced in Oct. 1794.

CABRERA, Dr. Paul F. Description of the Ruins of an ancient City discovered near Palenque Kingdom of Guatemala, in America; from the original Report of Capt. Don Antonio del Rio: fo!lowed by a critical Investigation

C. W.-The Adventures of Lady Egeria, containing her miserable Banishment by Duke Lampanus, her Husbande. London, by R. Wal-into the History of the Americans. degrave. 4to.

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London, 1822. 4to. 5s.
Cacklogallinia.-A Voyage to
Cacklogallinia. 1727. 8vo. with a

Bindley, pt. iii. 1782, 5s. 6d.

685, 12s.


CADELL,W. A. Journey in Carniola, Italy and France in the Years 1817, 1818. Edinb. 1820. 8vo. 2 vols. with 33 plates. 11. 16s.

CADENEDUS, Jacobus, M.D. Astrææ Veneta Plavsvs in Caroli II. Stvarti M. Br. Regis Instaurationé. Patav. (1661). 4to.

Another, entitled Pallas Fronvba, in Nvptis Caroli Secvndi & Catherine Mag. Br. Franc. & Hiber. Reg. potentiss. Patav. 1662. 4to. Copies of both are in the British Museum.


J. B.

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Quæ extant, accuratissime cum Libris editis et MSS. optimis collata, &c. accesserunt Annotationes Sam. Clarke: item Indices utilissimi. Londini, 1712. royal fol.

The most sumptuous classical work which this country has produced. It is ornarepresenting a bull is sometimes wanting or damaged. Towneley, pt. i. 228, russia, EdRoxburghe, 7648, 12. 13. 13s. wards, 244, 12. 12s. LARGE PAPER Duke of (twenty-five copies printed). Cadwallader's Prophesie. See Grafton, 813, morocco, 64. 1s. Devonshire's Duplicates, Roger Payne, 371. 17s.

CADOGAN, Rev. Wm. Bromley.mented with 87 plates. The forty second Discourses, &c. with Memoirs of his Life, by Richard Cecil, A.M. London, 1798. 8vo. with portrait. 7s. 6d.

HARBERT, William.

CEDMON Monachus. Paraphrasis poetica Genesios ac præcipuarum sacræ Paginæ Historiarum, abhinc Annos MLXX AngloSaxonicè conscripta, et nunc primùm edita a Francisco Junio, FF. Amst. 1655. 4to.

A curious work.

Figvræ qvædam antiqvæ ex Cadmonis Monachi Paraphraseos in Genesin Exemplari pervetusto, in Bibl. Bodleiana adservata, delineatæ. Anno Domini M.DCC.LIV. 4to. 6s. Fifteen engravings by J. Greene, F.A.S.privately printed at the expense of Dr. Charles Lyttleton and Edward Rowe Mores. See CELIANO, Torquato. CHESTER, Robert.

CELIUS, Apicius. De Opsoniis et Condimentis, sive Arte coquinaria, Libri X. cum Annotat. Martini Lister et Notis selectioribus variorum. Londini, 1705. 8vo.

Of this edition by the famous conchologist Lister, 120 copies were printed. Bindley, pt. i. 211, 11s. 6d. Steevens, 159, 15s. 6d. Heath, 4238, 1. 1s. It was humorously ridiculed by Dr. King in his Art of Cookery.' 1709. 8vo.

Caernarvonshire. A Sketch of its History, Antiquities, Mountains, and Productions. London, 1792.


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Duke of , morocco, by Dent, pt. i. 498, mor. 25. 4s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 755, mor. 301. Fonthill, 3700, 241. 3s. An edition by Clarke in 8vo. 1720. 1778. 5s. 1753, 7s. Heath, 3844, 9s.

Opera (edente M. Maittaire). Londini, 1716. 12mo. 4s.

A correct edition, with an excellent index. LARGE PAPER. Dent, pt. i. 518, moDuke of rocco by Roger Payne, 31. 5s. Grafton, 814, 13s.

Commentarii, ex Recens. Joan. Davisii, cum Notis variorum accessere Metaphrasis Græca, Librorum vii de Bello Gallico, &c.

Cantab. 1727. 4to. 9s.

A valuable and esteemed edition. LARGE PAPER. Heath, 8848, 1l. 5s. A former edition appeared 1706. 4to. Drury, 766,7s. An edition. Lond. J. Brindley, 1744. 18mo. 2 vols. 4s.

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Commentaria de Bello Gallico, cum Versione Anglica. By Johnson Towers, M.A. Londini,

1755. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

The translation is literal for the use of schools.

Julii Cæsaris et aliorum de Bellis Gallico, &c. Commentarii, juxta Edit. Oudendorpii. Oxon. 1780. 8vo. 6s.


A very correct reprint. LARGE PAPER. Drury, 658, 8s. Heath, 4361, 9s. 6d. CESAR, C J. Opera omnia [edente H. Homer]. Londini,

1790. 8vo. 9s.

This edition, which is very beautifully printed, is, according to Dr. Dibdin, 'de serving of a place in the student's library

from its extreme correctness.' LARGE PAPER. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 478, 11. 11s. 6d. Duke of Grafton, 818, 18s. Fonthill, 3847, morocco, 51. 5s. Drury, 659, morocco, 1. 10s. Dent, pt. i. 378, morocco, by Roger Payne, 21. 4s. Editio altera, Cura Hunter. Cupri, 1809. FINE PAPER. Brockett, 561, 8s. 6d. Editio altera, Cura J. Dymock.

1812. 12mo. 5s.


- Opera, e Recens. Oudendorpii, post Celiarium et Morum denuo curavit J. J. Oberlinus. Londini, 1825. 8vo.

Drury, 662, 6s. 6d.

Julius Cesars Commentaries, newly translatyd owte of Laten in to Englyshe as much as cocerneth thys Realme of England sumtyme callyd Brytayne. 1530. folio.

This translation was made by John Lord Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester, and was probably printed by John Rastell. A copy is in the British Museum.

The eyght Bookes of Caius Julius Cæsar, translated by Arthur Goldinge, G. London, 1565. 8vo.

Black letter. Dedicated to Syr Willyam Cecill Knight. After the dedication is a preface and a table of Errours escaped in printing.' The Commentaries contain 272 leaves besides the prefixes, and at the end An Exposition of the old Names of the Countries, Cities,' &c. North, pt. i. 481, 6s. 6d. Bindley, pt. i. 1191, russia, 8s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i 497, 10s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 479, mor. 19s. Reprinted 1590, 4to. 128 leaves, besides the prefixes, 7s. Nassau, pt. i. 636, 11. 6s.

The Commentaries, by Clement Edmonds, Esq. with excellent and useful Observations. Also the Commentaries of Aulus Hirtius, now first made English, with a Life of Cæsar, and an Account of his Medals. London, 1670. fol. 6s.

A former edition, 1655. fol. Reprinted

1695. folio. Clement Edmonds' observations first appeared 1600-9. folio, 3 vols. Reprinted and dedicated to Henry P. of Wales, of whom there is a portrait in the

title. London, n. d. fol. Gordonstoun, 850, with front. port. and plates. 15s.

CESAR, C.J. The Commentaries, &c. made English from the original Latin by Martin Bladen, Gent. with the Life of Cæsar, Notes, and Palladio. London, 1750. 8vo. Sculptures, from the Designs of

Best edition, with some additional notes signed Typogr. (i. e. Mr. Bowyer). The editions previous were in 1705, 1712. Roxburghe, 7654, 88.6d. 1715,1719,1726,1732. The Commentaries of Cæsar, translated into English: to which the Roman Art of War. By Wilis prefixed a Discourse concerning liam Duncan. London, 1753. fol.

Pp. 101 and 335, with index, likewise advertisement, and 86 plates. dedication to George Prince of Wales, an An excel

lent translation from Dr. Clarke's edition, accompanied with an elaborate dissertation on the Roman art of war. GarSir P. Thomprick, 794, 34. 12s. 6d. son, 190, 4.-1755. 8vo. 2 vols. Drury, 663, 11. 7s.-1775. 8vo. 2 vols. Nassau, pt. i. 498, date 1779? 12s.-1806. Svo.2 vols. Julii Cæsaris Portus Iccius. See SOMNER, William.

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-The Tragedy of Cæsar and Pompey: or, Caesar's Revenge. Acted by the Students of Trinity College, in Oxford. London, 1607.

4to. 1. 11s. 6d.

Another, London, n. d. 4to. is probably an carlier edition than the above, as no mention is made of its having been acted by the students of Trinity College. 21. 28.

CESAR, Sir Julius, Knt. Antient State, Authority and Proceedings of the Court of Requests 1596.4to.

Among Sir Hans Sloane's MSS. in the British Museum, no. 1874, are 'Ordinances for the Redress of sundry Errors, Defaults, and Abuses in the High Court of Chancery.' A life of this eminent civilian has been

published by Edmund Lodge, Esq.

Philip. Discourse of the dam nable Sect of Usurers, &c. transl. by Tho. Rogers. Lond. 1578. 4to.

CAGLIOSTRO, Alex. Count. The Life of Joseph Balsamo, commonly called Count Cagliostro. London, 1791. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

Pp. 194, with a portrait. Another life, 1787. 8vo. This notorious impostor died 1794, in one of the prisons of the inquisition at Rome.

CAIUS Anglice KAY. Calabar. A true Relation of the Murders of Negroes or Moors, committed on three Englishmen in Old Calabar in Guinny. Lond. 1672.4to.

A copy is in the British Museum. CALAMY, Edmund, D.D. Sermons on the Trinity. Lond. 1722. 8vo. with port. by Vertue. 4s. 6d.

This eminent nonconformist divine has likewise published Memoirs of the Rev. John Howe, 1724. 8vo. 4s. The Life of Dr. Increase Mather. See BAXTER, Richard. PALMER, Samuel.

CALASIO, Mar. de. Concordantiæ Bibliorum, Hebr. et Lat. edente Guil. Romaine. 1747. folio. 4 vols.


Valuable not only as a concordance, but as a lexicon of the Hebrew language, with its various dependent dialects. The editor Romaine has unfortunately altered some important passages to favor the Hutchinsonian system to which he was attached. A very limited number were printed. Heath, 4, 4/. 4s. CALCOTT, Wellins. Disquisition of the Principles and Practices of the Society of free and accepted Masons; together with some Strictures on the Origin, Nature and Design of that Institution. London, 1769. 8vo. 9s.

CALDCLEUGH, Alexander. Travels in South America, during the Years 1819-20-21; containing an Account of the present State of Brazil. London, 1825. 8vo. 2 vols. A work, says the Quarterly Review, heavy and languid, but the author has added considerably to our stock of information concerning several parts of S. America. Drury, 667, 16s.

CALDECOTT, Thomas. Reports of Cases relative to the Duty and Office of a Justice of the Peace, 1776-85. London, 1786-1800. 4to. 3 pts. 11. 5s.

CALDERON. Relation of the Death of Don Rodrigo Calderon, Marques of seven Churches, &c.

1622. 4to.

'This abstract is in high esteem with the men of its author's principles.'-Nicolson.

De Regimine Ecclesiæ Scoticanæ brevis Relatio.

Lond. 1618.

Calderwood's Recantation; or, a tripartite Discourse directed to such as refuse Conformitie to the Ordinances of the Church. 1623. 4to. A base forgery, by one Scot, written during an unfounded report of Calderwood's death.

Scoti 7 TUXOUTOS Paraclesis contra Danielis Tileni Siles.i Parænesin, ad Scotos Genevensis Disciplinæ Zelotas conscriptam, cujus Pars prima est de Episcopal Ecclesiæ Regimine. 1622. 4to.

Altare Damascenum, seu Ecclesiæ Anglicana Politia Ecclesiæ Scoticanæ obtrusa, a Formalista quodam delineata, illustrata et examinata, sub Nomine olim Edwardi Didoclavii, Studio & Opera Davidis Calderwood. Lugd. Bat. 1708. 4to. 10s. 6d. A reply to Abp. Spotswood, in which this Scotch presbyterian divine has attacked the church of England with the asperity peculiar to his party. 'The Altar of Damascus. Anno 1621. Constable, 111, 5s. 6d.

CALDWELL, Thomas. Collection of antient and modern Epitaphs and Inscriptions. 1796. 12mo. Dent, pt. i. 380, 10s. 6d.

Andrew. Account of the extraordinary Escape of James Stuart, Esq. (commonly called Athenian Stuart) by being put to Death by some Turks, in whose Company he happened to be travelling. London, 1804. folio.

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Caledonia.-Caledonia's Covenant, or ane Panegyrick to the World, wherin is briefie set doune the trew Caus and Occasioune of CALDERWOOD, David. True the present Troubles of the KingHistory of the Church of Scotland, dome of Scotland. London, 1641, from the Beginning of the Refor-4to. 18s. mation unto the End of the Reign of James VI. Printed in the Year 1678. folio. 18s.

A poetical tract.

Caledonia. The Recruits thereof in the Rising Sun (the name of one of the Ves

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