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barum, Lapidum et Animalium quorumdam. In Civit. London. per Wilh. de Mechlinia. 4to.

Black Letter. A. to D. in eights, E. six, and four without catch words or pagination.

A 1, is blank. The most elegant specimen of Machlinia's press, according to Dr. Dibdin. A copy is in Earl Spencer's Library. White Knights, pt. i. 134. morocco, 71. 10s.


The Booke of Secretes, of the Vertues of Herbes, Stones, and certaine Beastes. Also Booke of the same author of the maruaylous thinges of the world,

and of certain effectes caused of certayne Beastes. London, by Wm. Copland. 16mo. 10s. 6d.

Black letter, A. to L. 4. in eights. The last leaf blank. An edition of Albertus' Secrets, was published 1637, 12mo. in black letter, 5s.

Historia, cum Annotat. Gul. Derham. Lond. 1731. 4to. with 100 coloured plates.

ALBIN, Eleazar.

Natural His

tory of Birds. London. 1731-4-8, 4to. 3 vols. 21. 12s. 6d.

Vol. i. pp. 96. and 101 coloured plates. Vol. ii. pp. 92. and 104 coloured plates. Vol. iii. pp. 95. and 101 coloured plates. Willett, 81, 8l. 18s. 6d. A French translation, with Derham's Notes, &c. was published, a la Haye, 1750, 4to. 3 vols.

-Natural History of Spiders and other curious Insects. Lond. 1736. 4to. 1. 1s.

pp. 76. with 53 coloured plates and a portrait of Albin on horseback, by J. Scotin. The principal parts of this well-known work, are inserted in the 'Aranei of Thomas Martyn,' 1793, 4to. Willett, 80. 31. 7s. M. of Townshend, No. 138. Birds, Insects and Spiders, 1736-49. 4to. 5 vols.

Natural History of Eng

16l. 16s. De Secretis Mulierum: or the Mysteries of Human Generation fully revealed, faithfully rendered lish Song-Birds; a new edition, corrected, with several Improveinto English, with explanatory Notes, and approved of by the latements under the article of Canary John Quincy, M.D. London, 1725. Birds. London, 1779. 8vo. With plates, plain, 3s. coloured, 7s.

8vo. 5s.

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ALBIN, John. A History of the Isle of Wight, from the earliest times of authentic information to the present period. Newport, 1795, 8vo. With a sheet map. 8s. Fonthill, 2140, 1. 12s. ALBINE, called De Seres, John

de. A notable Discourse, discussing who are the right ministers of the Catholike Church: with an Offer made by a Catholike to a learned Protestant, wherein shall appere the difference betwixte the open knowen Church of the Catholikes, from the hid unknowen Congregation of the Protestantes. Duaci per Johannem Bellerum, 1575, 16mo.

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The work, the running title of which is A notable Discourse against Heresies,' is introduced by a preface, and consists of 98 leaves, numbered. The Offer' C. in eights, the last leaf blank. This work written against Calvin and his Disciples, was anwered by Thomas Spark, and Robert Crowley.

ALBINOVANUS, C. Pedo. The Elegies, with an English version,

Oxon. 1778. 4to. 2 vols. 11. 5s.
LARGE PAPER, 11. 16s.

A valuable work. In Dr. Freind's History of Physic is a very elaborate analysis of Albucasis's works and practice. ALCEUS.

The purest text of this poet will be found in the Museum Criticum, vol. 1, pp. 421-44, edited by Bishop Blomfield.

ALCEDO, D. Ant. de. Geo

by J. Plumtre, D.D. Kiddermins-graphical and Historical Diction

ter, 1807. 12mo. pp. 127, 4s. FINE PAPER, 5s. 6d.

The original will also be found in Maittaire's Corpus Poetarum Latinorum. ALBINUS, Bernard Siegfred. Anatomical Tables of the Skeleton and Muscles of the Human Body. London, 1749-50. impl. folio. 29

Nos, in 1 vol. 31. 3s.

A complete anatomical description of the


human skeleton and muscles, very accu-
rately engraved. The following should ac-
company this much esteemed work.
Three whole length anatomical tables, re-
presenting a man, and a woman, 5s. 2. A
compleat system of the blood vesssels on
four sheets, with tables of explanation on
seven sheets, 7s. 6d. 3. A complete system
of the nerves, on four sheets, with tables of
explanation, 7s. 6d. Willett, 114, (com-

plete) 61.

Another Edition, 1777. folio. with explanations in 4to. 27. 2s.

Albion's Queene. The famous Historie of. London, 1601. 4to. Black Letter. Of this romance, (of

which only one copy is known, wanting sheet A.) Queen Katherine is the heroine. Albon and Amphabel.-The glorious Lyfe and Passion of Seint Albon, Prothomartyr of Englande, and also the Lyfe and Passion of Saint Amphabel, translated out of Frenche and Laten in to Englishe, by John Lydgate, Monke of Bury. Saynt Albon, 1534. 4to.


The whole contains y, in fours. seven lined stanzas, four on a page. copy of this extremely rare work is in the

British Museum.

Alborow.-The Life of the holy and blessed Virgin, Sainte Alborow. (Richard Pynson) 4to.

From Maunsell's Catal. p. 67, col. 2. ALBUCASIS. De Chirurgia, Arab. et Lat. cura Johannis Channing.

ary of America and the West In-
dies, with large additions and
Compilations, by G. A. Thompson.
London, 1812-15. 4to. 5 vols.

Thompson's edition for its additions, &c.
is infinitely more valuable than the original.
Sir M. Sykes, pt. i. 125, 5l. 5s.
York, 235, 51. 5s.

Duke of

Alchemy. Marrow of Alchemy, a Poem. London, 1654. 4to.

Nassau, pt. i. 2197, 19s. Sir P. Thompson, 463, 17s. 6d.

ALCIATUS, Andrew. Emblemata. See WILLET, Andrew.

To this work, first published Paris, 1585, subsequent writers, particularly George Wither, have been greatly indebted.

ALCIDALIS and ZELIDA, History of, a Tale of the fourteenth century. Lond. 1789. 8vo.

Some copies have a fictitious title, purporting to have been printed at Strawberryhill, MDCCLXXXIX. and have produced considerable prices, viz. Sotheby's in June, 1827, 1. 6s. Brockett, 2947, 1. 13s.

Goldsmid, 373, 21. 5s.

Alcilia: Philoparthens louing Folly. Wherevnto is added Pigmalion's Image, by John Marston, with the Love of Amos and Laura, by S. P. Lond. for Richard Hawkins, 1619.

The poem of Amos and Laura is dedicated to the celebrated Izaak Walton. Ano

ther edition appeared in 1628, 4to. with the addition of Epigrammes by Sir J. H[arington] and others. Lloyd, 208, Edition 1628.)


ALCINOUS, in Platonicam Philosophiam Introductio, Gr. et Lat. (ediderunt Jo. Langbænius et Jo.

Fellus.) Oxon. 1667. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

An excellent edition. A translation of the introduction to the Platonic Philosophy will be found in Stanley's History of Philosophy.

ALCIPHRON's Epistles, in which


are described the domestic Manners, the Courtesans, and Parasites of Greece, (translated from the Greek by the Rev. Mr. Monro and the Rev. Wm. Beloe.) London, 1791. 8vo. 4s.

This work is in general (says Dr. A. Clarke) well done; and is accompanied by very useful notes.

ALCOCK, John. Successively Bishop of Rochester, Worcester, and Ely, Spousage of a Virgin to Christ. 4to. 1486.

Gallicantus ad Cofratres suos curatos in Sinodo apud Bernwell, xxv. die mensis Septembris, 1498. (Lond. per R. Pynson) folio.

The work consisting of 26 leaves, (A--D vi. in eights,) is divided into xvi chapters. A copy is in the library of Earl Spencer.

Sermo Johis Alcok, Epi Elien. Enprinted at Westmestre bi Wyn

kin the Worde. 4to.

Black letter, extends to viij. In this sermon the Bishop directs his hearers to obtain full knowledge of all proclamations as registered in the Court of Chancery. Two short extracts from this work to confirm the elucidation of the well known line in Hamlet,

'Unhouseld, disappointed, unanel'd,' will be found in the British Bibliographer, ii. 532-3.

Mons Perfectionis, otherwyce called in Englyssh, the Hylle of Perfection. Emprynted by Rycharde Pynson, in the xiii yere of K. Henry the vii. 4to.

Black letter, e iij. An exhortation to the Carthusians, recommending prayer, obedience. and the solitude of the cell. Willett, 1629, (with the Abbaye of the Holy Ghost,) 9. 19s. 6d. Dr. Dibdin, in his much improved edition of Ames, notices three editions, one by Pynson, 1497, and two by W. de Worde, 1497 and 1501.

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The Abbaye of the Holy Ghost. Westmestre, by W. de Worde, 4to.

Black etter, 18 leaves printed in double columns. Willett, 1629. (with Mons Perfection's, 9. 19s. 6d. Maunsell mentions an edition of the date of 1531.

ALCORAN. See MAHOMET. Alcoran of the Franciscans. See FRANCIS, St.

ALDINI, John. An Account of the late Improvements in Galvanism, &c. London, 1803. 4to. with plates, 9s.

In 1819 was published another work by this author, entitled General Views on the

Application of Galvinism to Medical Purposes.' 6s.

ALDRICH, Henry, D. D. Artis Logice Compendium Oxon. 1691, large 8vo. Six sheets. With Aristotle's portrait in the title page, 3s.

Reprinted, with variations and additions, 1696, 1704, 1750, and still used as a text book at Oxford. A translation, with Questions, appeared in 1825, 12mo. 3s. 6d. The Elements of Civil Architecture, translated by the Rev. Philip Smyth. Lond. 1789, royal 8vo with 55 plates, and a portrait of Aldrich, after Kneller,

12s. to 15s.

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Alector, the Cock, 1590. See ANEAU, Bart.

ALEMAN, Mateo. The Life of Guzman d'Alfarache; or, the Spanish Rogue: to which is added the celebrated Tragi-Comedy, Celestina. Done into English from the new French Version, and compar'd with the original (Spanish). By several Hands. Lond. 1708. 8vo. 2 vols. With sculptures, by Gaspar Bouttats.

Roxburghe, 6347, 1. 10s. Of this very popular Novel, or Romance there have 1630, 1634, 1656, 10s. to 15s. each. In been several translations, in folio, 1623, the Retrospective Review, vol. v. 189-205, is an excellent notice of this work, which contains a fund of acute and comprehensive observations on almost every rank in society, from the most abject to the most elevated. An edition epitomiz'd into English, by A. S. Gent,' appeared in 1655. 8vo.

ALEMAND, Louis Augustine.

Histoire Monastique d'Irelande. preceding his Death. Lond. 1766. Paris, 1690. 12mo


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Aphrodiensis ad Imperatores de Fato et de eo quod nostræ Potestatis est. Ammonius Hermeæ in Libri Aristotelis de Interpretatione Sectionem secundam, Gr. et Lat. Londini, 1658, small 8vo. 3s. 6d. to 5s.

James Edward. Travels from India to England, 1825-6. London, 1827. 4to. with maps and plates, published at 17. 1.s. 6d.

'A performance,' says the Quarterly Review, obviously very juveni e, but containing many lively and interesting descriptions, more particularly of scenes in Burmah and Asia Minor.'

-John. Paraphrase upon the Fifteenth Chapter of the First Epistle to the Corinthians, with critical Notes and Observations, and a Preliminary Dissertation. A Commentary, with critical Remarks upon the sixth, seventh, and part of the eighth chapters of the Romans. To which is added a Sermon on Ecclesiastes ix. 10. composed by the Author the day

4to. 5s.

The work of an Unitarian, containing a few good critical remarks. Hollis, 174, 12s. 6d. ALEXANDER, Will. See STERLINE, Earl of.

ALEXANDER, William. Medulla Historia Scotia, being a History of the Lives and Reigns of the Kings of Scotland, from Fergus I. to Charles II. Lond. 1685. 12mo. 5s.

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Observations on the construction and Fitting up of Meeting Houses, &c. for Public Worship. London, 1820. 4to. with plans, &c. 9s.

Alexander, a Romance.

Inserted by Weber in his Collection of Metrical Romances, vol. i. In the Library of the Hon. W. Maule of Panmure is a translation (probably unique) of this romance into Scotish verse, printed by Alexander Arbuthnot.

Alexander and the King of Egypt. A mock Play, as it is acted by the Mummers every Christmas. Newcastle, 1788. 4to.

Rhodes, No. 7, 11s. ALEXIS of Piedmont. The Secrets, in Four Parts, translated London, by by William Warde. H. Bynneman, 1568. 4to.

Black letter. This work, which has been translated and published in every European language, is by Haller attributed to Hieronymo Rosello. Inglis, 106, 15s. Reprinted

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1595, 10s. 6d. and 1615, 7s. 6d. The following is a list of the separate editions of the four parts. Part i. 1559, 1562, 1563, 1569, 1580. Part ii. 1563, n. d., 1567, 1580. Part iii. 1566, 1578. Part iv. (translated by Rich. Androse) 1569, 1578. ALEYN, Charles. The Battailes of Crescey and Poictiers. London, 1633. 8vo. pp. 138.

Second edition. White Knights, pt. i. 55, 1. Lloyd, 23, 14. 4s. Nassau, pt. i. 27, 14. 11s. 6d. Garrick, No. 12, (with the Historie of Henrie the Seventh) 21. 5s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. No. 555. The former edition appeared in 1631.

The Historie of Henrie, of that name the Seventh King of England. With that famed Battaile upon Redmore, near Bosworth. London, 1638. 8vo.

Contains pp. 160. (A, 2 leaves, B—K, in eights, and L, 6 leaves) with portrait of the King, by Marshall. Strettell, 10, 17s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 39, 17s. pt. ii. 1, 14. 1s. Lloyd, 24, 18s. Jadis, 95, 18s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. No. 10, morocco. 11. 16s. Nassau, pt. i. 28, 21. 2s. Dowdeswell, 3, 21. 12s. 6d. Aleyn likewise published the History of Euryalus and Lucretia, translated from the Latin epistles of Æneas Sylvius.

John. Select Cases in B. R. 22, 23, and 24 K. Charles I. with the Names of the learned Counsel who argued the saine. London, 1681 or 1688. folio. 8s. ALFIERI, Vittorio. Quindici Tragedie, dedicate all' Autore medesimo ed agguntevi sue Memo

rie letterarie, con la Merope di

Maffei, e l'Aristodemo di Monti; dall' Editore il Dott. Antonio Montucci. Edinborgo, 1805-6. 12mo. 3 vols. 11. 1s.

A very neat and correct edition. Zotti

published an edition of Tragedie scelte.

12mo. 2 vols. 10s.

-The Tragedies, translated by Charles Lloyd. London, 1815. 12mo. 3 vols. 10s. 6d.

An excellent translation. Vita di Vittorio Alfieri. dra, 1806. 8vo. 2 vols. i0s.

This work was superintended by Sir H. Croft, and contains the illustrations of Mr. Manning. Dr. Johnson observed, that the notes are very judicious and accurate, but, they are too few.' Roscoe, 461, 6s. 6d. This illustrious monarch likewise was translator of Bede's Ecclesiastical History, Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy, and a Portion of the historian Orosius. For the Lives of him, see ASSER, Menevensis; BICKNELL, Alex; SPELMAN, Sir John; POWELL, Robert.

Francis. Sir Isaac
Newton's Philosophy, explained
for the Use of the Ladies; in six
Dialogues of Light and Colours.
From the Italian, by Eliz. Carter.
London, 1739. 12mo. 2 vols. 6s.

Reprinted 1742. Several other pieces of Algarotti's have been translated into English, viz. Letters containing the State of the Persian Empire, 1769. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s. Essays on Painting and on the Opera, 1764. 1767. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s. &c.

Algiers Voyage, in a Journall, or briefe Reportary of all Occurrents hapning in the Fleet of Ships sent out by the Kinge his most excellent Majestie, as well against the Pirates of Algiers as others. London, 1621. 4to.

North, pt. iii. 597, 19s. Gordonstoun, 128, 11. 5s.

Algorisme. See Arithmetic.

ALHACEN. The History of Tamerlane the Great by his Favourite Alhacen, a learned Arabian. Translated into English, with

Notes, by L.Vane. London, 1753.

8vo. 4s.

Reprinted 1783, 12mo. 2s. 6d.

ALI BEY. Travels of Ali Bey in Morocco, Tripoli, Cyprus, Egypt, Arabia, Syria, and Turkey, between the Years 1803 and 1807, written by himself. London, 1816. 4to. 2 vols. with plates.

This traveller, whose original name was Domingo Badia y Leblich, was a Lon-native of Spain. He, under his assumed character, procured access to many places, to which Christians were not permitted to go; from this cause his travels are instructive and curious, but they certainly disappointed the expectations of the pub

An English translation of this poet's Life appeared in 1810. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s.


ALFRED the Great. The Will of King Alfred, with Notes by Thos. Astle. Oxford, 1787. 4to. 5s.

lic. Drury 147, russia, 31. 5s.

ALI Ebn Abi Talebi. Sententiæ, Arab. et Lat. e Codd. MSS. descripsit, Latine vertit, et Annota

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