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After the war, and after our armies and the armies of our allies have conquered the enemy, in order that democracy and liberty might survive upon earth, we are to give it all up and adopt the German system, without inquiring why our boys are now pouring their blood and giving their lives upon the soil of Europe.

In a pamphlet fathered by The National Reform Association and written by its General Superintendent, J. S. Martin, D.D., and mailed by that Association to the writer in the spring of 1918, in speaking of the Association, it is stated:

"Its constant aim is to have the nation accept God's will as the rule of its life in the standard of its action, and thus be in a position to make the application of this will to the solution of its problems and in the administration of all its affairs."

Of course these people, or one or more of them, intend to be the interpreters of God's will after obtaining control of the government, as the Kaiser is the interpreter of it in Germany today.

In another pamphlet mailed by the Association at the same time— March, 1918-endorsed by all its officers, including its Executive Committee of fifty-two members, it is said that The National Reform Association "Aims thoroughly to Christianize our nation by proclaiming the Kingship of Christ and seeks such an amendment to our national Constitution as will at once fittingly express our Christian character and legally safeguard our national Christianity."

This Association has always regarded "a government of the people, by the people and for the people" as "Political Atheism.”

The National Reform Association is the most radical Prohibition organization in the United States today, and is the mother of them all except the W. C. T. U., and it has adopted that, and largely taken it under its wing. Two of the State Presidents of the W. C. T. U. are Vice-presidents of The National Reform Association and substantially all of them are either members of it or in hearty sympathy with it. Governor Capper, and Governor Stubbs, both of Kansas, and prominent Prohibition speakers, are Vice-presidents of this Association.

Hon. J. Frank Hanley, candidate for President of the United States in 1916 on the Prohibition ticket, is a Vice-president of The National Reform Association, and so is Joshua Levering, a former candidate of that party for President.

The Prohibition party has always recognized "God as the rightful sovereign" and its leaders the interpreters of God's will in govern

ment. It is the only political party nominating candidates for President and Vice-president of the United States that ever took that position. In 1895-the year following the ignoring by Congress of "the God-in-the-Constitution" resolution-the National Anti-Saloon League was organized in Washington. It has always been auxiliary to its parent, The National Reform Association.

The National Reformers realize that their organization could not accomplish directly their knavish purpose of destroying democracy in America and establishing in its place a government by divine right, and that their auxiliary-the Prohibition party-was not likely to succeed as such; therefore, the Anti-Saloon League, to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people by an attack upon the multitude of evils connected with and growing out of the saloon.

By their influence and votes, the National Reformers had helped to create and maintain the American saloon by supporting the Internal Revenue and High License system, which flooded the county with poison. The Prohibitionists, and they alone, are creators and directly responsible for every bootlegger in the country who is distributing this poison and for nine-tenths of the moonshine stills, and if they have their way they will be responsible for all of them, and they are rapidly multiplying throughout the country.

Having, with the help of others, brought about this deplorable state of affairs, they attack IT, rather than the CAUSE of it, with a view of establishing an empire in America modeled after the German system.

Every man or woman in the United States, with average understanding, who has given the subject intelligent thought, knows that in order to destroy every saloon in America all the evils attached to or growing out of them, the entire business of "moonshining" and "bootlegging" in Prohibition States, together with 99 per cent of all the evils, of every kind, arising from the use of alcoholic liquors, is to repeal all the laws, national, state and municipal, regarding alcoholic liquors, and restore in this country the democracy of Thomas Jefferson, the democracy that existed here (but for human slavery) prior to 1862.

But this is precisely what the National Reformers do not want. It would at once destroy all their hopes for generations to come of obtaining divine authority in the American government.

The National Reform Association saw to it that its child-the Anti-Saloon League-should be controlled by it. If there be a Prohibition leader in the United States, a Prohibition legislative lobbyist, a state president, superintendent, or director of the Anti-Saloon League

in any State of the Union who is not a religious fanatic and in hearty accord with The National Reform Association he is out of place and in incompatible company. There may be one or two, but they are of such small minority that when the final test comes their influence will be as nothing.

The most important and vital position in the Anti-Saloon League is the "Legislative Superintendent," the most prominent Prohibition lobbyist at Washington, and the name of this gentleman is Edwin C. Dinwiddie, D.D., and he is also a Vice-president of The National Reform Association. His office is also to direct the Prohibition lobby at the various State legislatures.

The National ReformAssociation leaves no loophole for other Prohibitionists to have their way when it comes to prohibition legislation. Dinwiddie, of The National Reform Association, is the man of all men who told two-thirds of the members of Congress how to vote last December on the National Prohibition amendment, and they voted as he dictated. Senator Oscar W. Underwood said to Congress: "I regard this question as an attack upon the fundamental principles of our government." But Dinwiddie, D.D., marshalled his forces, directed the fire of his batteries of threats of defeat of individual Congressmen for re-election should they fail to do his bidding, and won the battle.

Another ally of the National Reformers is the Board of Temperance, Prohibition and Public Morals, with its headquarters at Washington, D. C. It boasted last year that it had purchased "a most beautiful lot * within a stone's throw of * * * the Senate Office building, and the House Office building, and looking right into the door of the Senate Chamber. Here is proposed to erect a permanent building that shall be headquarters for the church, temperance, and reform forces that center at the nation's capital." This, so happily located, is intended to be the headquarters of the most aggressive, the most powerful and most efficient Congressional lobby that ever existed. Judging from the past, about two-thirds of our present members of Congress should have shrewd, level-headed, patriotic men appointed as their guardians to protect them from this lobby.

This board to regulate "Public Morals" by fiat of law, distributes an enormous amount of propaganda, besides sending its "Clipsheet' to every daily paper in the United States and publishing the Voice. In one of its propaganda books, advertised and published in 1917, it states: "The secularist closes his eyes to all but a flight of birds, but the Christian opens his, and sees the hand of God directing that if Spanish misrule is to curse any part of this hemisphere,

it should be confined to the southern islands and that this
North American continent should be saved to become the
base for the greatest continuous empire of mankind, and
the cradle for a multiplying nation of English-speaking

This Board of Temperance, Prohibition and Public Morals is bold enough to declare for an empire of the North American continent of English-speaking Protestants!

Every member of this Board is a member of one sect of Methodists and it differs in this respect from The National Reform Association which is largely dominated by Presbyterians. One wants the will of God in the empire to be, interpreted according to John Wesley, the other according to John Calvin. They each hope to secure control of the empire after their united efforts succeed in establishing it.

As the Roman Republic retained its name long after every trace of democracy in it was lost and long after it had in fact and in practice become an empire, these organizations would not seriously object to the government retaining the name Republic. In fact, it would assist in blinding the people to their conspiracy, as it blinded for a time the free citizens of Rome. They did not learn soon enough that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

In the spring of 1918 another child was born to The National Reform Association. It organized the National Dry Federation, upon which to train a candidate for President of the United States in 1920. Dr. Charles Scanlon, a member of its Executive Committee, was made temporary President. A short time ago Hon. William Jennings Bryan was made its permanent President, which position he holds today. This is purely a political organization, with a view of uniting the forces. in the entire conspiracy and elect Mr. Bryan President of the United States in 1920.

Under date of March 16, 1918, Larimore C. Denise, D.D., Associate Superintendent of The National Reform Association, writing of this Association said: "We are a constituent part of the National Dry Federation."

Speaking of the National Dry Federation, The Christian Statesman for March, 1918, states: "Twenty different organizations have already agreed to unite in this movement. * Such a movement, if

rightly handled, contains potent possibilities."

The national Constitutional amendment, proposed last December, was the first attack by the Congress of the United States upon the

fundamental principles upon which our government is founded. How long will it be before The National Reform Association accomplishes its ultimate object? That depends upon whether or not the American people soon awake from their lethargy and fancied security, realize the dangers confronting our country from within, and emphatically declare "that government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth."


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