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THE late Mr. J. J. HIGGINBOTHAM, while engaged in searching for Biographical materials to compile his "MEN WHOM INDIA HAS KNOWN," met with much interesting and valuable information connected with India, now almost beyond the reach of the public, in the first series of 28 volumes of the "Asiatic Journal." It then occurred to him that these sterling articles could be saved from perishing, if an attempt were made to secure a sufficient number of persons to subscribe for the re-publication of all those of the highest permanent value in one royal octavo volume of about 1,000 pages, so as to defray at least the actual cost of printing. Accordingly a prospectus was put forth, and it succeeded beyond his most sanguine expectations. The various Governments of India and of the Native States, and the public in general gave the project their very liberal support. It is, however, much to be regretted that Mr. HIGGINBOTHAM did not survive to see the completion of the work.

The Publishers trust that this attempt to resuscitate so much important matter connected with India will be generally appreciated. It is their purpose to continue a series of reprints of a like nature, but much will depend on the further support given to this undertaking.

There has been some delay in the issue of the volume, but it was quite unavoidable.

August 1875.

H. & Co.


Vol. I, January to June, 1816.

Hindu Artifice-An account of the Conquest of Kandy-An ac-

count of the Water Palace at Uzen-Solyman, the eater of Sub-

limate-Hydrophobia cured by Vinegar-Remarkable weather in

Madras-Account of the Wahabees-Parsees-The Contrast; or,

Opinions on India-Address of Winter to Timour

Vol. II, July to December, 1816.

Reply to the Contrast; or, Opinions on India-A Geological Pheno-

menon near Calcutta-On the Diseases of India, and the use of

the Nitro-muriatic Acid, by Dr. H. Scott-A Polymetrical Table

-Sketch of a Journey to the summit of Adam's Peak, in the

Island of Ceylon-Smuggling of Indian Goods-An account of

the Passing of the Run-Remarks on the Wahabees-An account/

of feats of Strength, Activity, and Legerdemain, in Hindoostan

-The Hindoos-The Dumb Merchant-Lines written in a Choul-

try-Song sung at the celebration of the Feast of St. Andrew-

St. Helena, its only inhabitant in 1592-The Wahabees at Mecca

-Female Miseries in India.......

Vol. III, January to June, 1817.

Observations on the Excavations and Sculptures in the Island of

Elephanta-Description of the Culture of the white Poppy and

preparation of Opium, as practised in the Province of Behar-

Translation of a History of the Portuguese landing in India-

Interesting and Important letter from L'Abbé Dubois, addressed

to Mr. Archdeacon Barnes-On Young Ladies going to India-

On the Demolition of the Black Hole at Calcutta-History of the

Coccus Laccæ, or Lac Insect-An account of the Biddery

(Vidri) Ware in India-Account of the Parsees of the Western

parts of India, followers of the Doctrines of Zoroaster (Zeratush)

-Inscription on a Hookah-East India Marriages-Account of a
Passage in an open boat across the Bay of Bengal-Inoculation of
the Plague-Vinegar as a Cure for Hydrophobia

Vol. IV, July to December, 1817.

An account of admirable Cement used in Persia-Use of the Co-

coanut Tree-Grave of Lieutenant J. B. Terrell-Report of a

case of Hydrophobia-Rules for the due observance of the Cere-

monies on occasion of a Widow burning with the corpse of her

Husband-Dimensions of the Great Gun at Agra--The Waterloo

Committee at Madras-An account of the Funeral Ceremonies

of a Burman Priest A Journey to Lake Mánasaróvara in Un-

des-The Legend of the Descent of Gunga-Lieutenant Stuart's

Narrative of the Defeat of Hyder Ali by the Mahrattahs-Site

of Palibothra-History of the Settlement of Calcutta-Character

of the Mahrattahs......


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