The Texts of the White Yajurveda

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Ralph Thomas Hotchkin Griffith
E.J. Lazarus and Company, 1899 - Vedas - 344 pages


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Page 254 - There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner, being an hundred years old, shall be accursed.
Page 257 - The Brahman was his mouth, of both his arms was the Rajanya made. His thighs became the Vaisya, from his feet the Sudra was produced.
Page 39 - Vishnu,1 of him who measured out the earthly regions, Who propped the highest place of congregation/ thrice setting down his footstep, widely striding. 2. For this his mighty deed is Vishnu lauded, like some wild beast, dread, prowling, mountain roaming ; He within whose three wide-extended paces all living creatures have their habitation. 3. Let the hymn lift itself as strength to...
Page 22 - Let us adore the supremacy of that divine sun, the god-head who illuminates all, who recreates all, from whom all proceed, to whom all must return, whom we invoke to direct our understandings aright in our progress towards his holy seat.
Page 247 - Close to his ear, as fain to speak, She presses, holding her well-loved Friend in her embraces. Strained on the Bow, She whispers like a woman — this bowstring that preserves us in the combat.
Page 95 - Waters 1. YE, Waters, are beneficent: so help ye us to energy That we may look on great delight. 2. Give us a portion of the sap, the most auspicious that ye have, Like mothers in their longing love.
Page 121 - THE brilliant presence of the Gods hath risen, the eye of Mitra, Varuna and Agni. The soul of all that moveth not or moveth, the Sun hath filled the air and earth and heaven.
Page 64 - King, of hallowed might, sustaineth erect the Tree's stem in the baseless region. Its rays, whose root is high above, stream downward. Deep may they sink within us, and be hidden. 8 King Varuna hath made a spacious pathway, a pathway for the Sun wherein to travel. Where no way was he made him set his footstep, and warned afar whate'er afflicts the spirit. 9 A hundred balms are thine, 0 King, a thousand ; deep and wide-reaching also be thy favours.
Page 224 - What from thy body which with fire is roasted, when thou art set upon the spit, distilleth, Let not that lie on earth or grass neglected, but to the longing Gods let all be offered. 12. They who observing that the Horse is ready call out and say, the smell is good; remove it; And, craving meat, await the distribution,— may their approving help promote labour.
Page 86 - Hero, drive off our northern foes and southern, that we in thy wide shelter may be joyful. 2. What then? As men whose fields are full of barley reap the ripe corn removing it in order, So bring the food of those men, bring it hither, who went not to prepare the grass for worship.

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