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ntst.-hunt'st, taunt'st.

Hunt'st thou the wild gazelle ?

nz.-plains, moons, moans, lens, vanes.

Though slow of reward, merit wins in the


pld.—tramp'ld, tippl'd, toppl'd, dappl'd.

The dimpled cheek of the child wore an angel's smile.

pldst.-rippl'dst, peopl'dst, rumpl'dst.

Thou trampl'dst the worm that harmed thee


plz.-mapl's, appl's, toppl's, stippl's, stapl's.

Age on their temples shed her silver frost. plst.-trampl'st, rippl'st, sampl'st, toppl'st, tippl'st. Thou sampl'st the tap, and then toppl'st to thy miserable home.

pnd.-rip'n'd, op'n'd, deep'n'd, happ'n'd, sharp'n'd. The golden ripples of the rip'n'd grain make glad the heart of the peasant.

pnz.-op'ns, happ'ns, rip'ns, cheap'ns.

The combat deep'ns-on, ye brave!

pr.-pride, proper, prune, print, prey.

Prompt to relieve, the prisoner sings his praise.

ps.-tips, tops, props, tapes, mops.

Thought droops and stops as the eyes grow heavy with sleep.

pst.-top'st, prop'st, heap'st, shap'st, hoop'st.

Thou slapp'st the child thou shouldst have kissed.

pt.-wept, slipp'd, supp'd, stopp'd.

The little one wept itself to sleep.

pts.-intercepts, accepts, precepts.

The father's precepts the dutiful son obeyed.

ptst.-hop'd'st, accept'st, intercept'st.

Accept'st thou the commission offered thee?


From the depths of despair, the sorrowing soul is lifted on the wings of love. rb.-herb, verb, orb, curb, garb.

Curb thy tongue, for its barb'd words stick where they strike.

rbd.-orb'd, curb'd, garb'd, disturb'd.

No reveille disturb'd his slumbers; for he slept the sleep of death.

rbdst.-barb'dst, orb'dst, curb'dst, disturb'dst.

Thou curb'dst well the gallant steed thou strod'st.

rbz.-barbs, verbs, orbs, disturbs.

The orbs of night in the winter's sky shine clear and bright.

rbst.-absorb'st, barb'st, curb'st, disturb'st.

Thou absorb'st our precious time by trivial talk.

rdz.-words, birds, cards, chords, herds.

The silver cords of friendship may unite many hearts which the golden cords of love dare not entwine.

rdst.-reward'st, herd'st, guard'st.

Thou regard'st whom thou reward'st.

rfs.-serfs, dwarfs, turfs, scarfs.

Dwarfs and pygmies shall to giants rise.

rgz.-bergs, icebergs, burgs.

The icebergs float from the Arctic seas.

rdzh.-surge, forge, enlarge, gorge, emerge.

From out the gorge sweeps the wild torrent to the verge of the precipice.

rdzhd.-urg'd, charg'd, merg'd, forg'd.

So they beat against the State House,
So they surged against the door.

rks.-barks, corks, works, larks, storks.

He marks the tracks of the wounded by the crimson trails in the snow.

rkst.-mark'st, work'st, bark'st, cork'st.

Mark'st thou the spot where the hero died? rkt.-work'd, mark'd, lurk'd, fork'd, jerk'd.

He work'd his way to the topmost round of the ladder of fame.

rktst.-bark'dst, work'dst, fork'dst, lurk'dst.

Thou lurk'dst round our haunts like a mercenary spy.

rld.-curl'd, snarl'd, whirl'd, furl'd, world.

Round the chieftain's head the war-cloud curl'd.

rldst.-hurl'dst, snarl'dst, furl'dst, whirl'dst.

Thou furl'dst thy sails in the harbor of bliss.



Worlds unseen, the eye of faith ex

rlz.-hurls, pearls, snarls, twirls, churls.

The glittering pearls of the sea are not to be compared with the priceless pearls of thought.

rmd.-arm'd, charm'd, form'd, harm'd.

"Arm'd, say you?" "Arm❜d, my lord."

rmdst.-form'dst, storm'dst, charm'dst, worm'dst. Thou charm'dst the maid whose ear was not proof against flattery's wiles.

rmz.—charms, forms, storms, terms.

Truth storms the citadel of falsehood, and accepts no terms but unconditional surrender. rmst.-form'st, charm'st, storm'st, alarm'st.

Thou charm'st me with thy silver-tongued speech.

rmth. warmth.

What warmth of feeling is in thy golden words.

rnd.-scorn'd, earn'd, burn'd, warn'd.

We were warn'd of our danger in time to

[blocks in formation]

Thou learn'dst thy lesson well, though thou scorn' dst to confess it.

rnz.-spurns, darns, mourns, urns.

As the sun sets, the leaden cloud turns to burnished gold.

rps.-carps, warps, sharps, thorps, harps.

We hanged our harps upon the willows.

rpt.—warp'd, usurp'd, harp'd.

Wealth usurp'd the throne where intellect long had ruled.

rs.—scarce, purse, fierce, source, farce.

Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy.

rsh.-marsh, Kershaw, harsh.

Kershaw island is in San Francisco Bay.

rsts.-versts, bursts, thirsts.

The Russian treads his weary versts o'er glittering fields of snow.

rtst.-smart'st, hurt'st, part'st, girt'st, report'st.

O jealousy! thou part'st the hearts that should be ours.

rths.-earths, worths, hearths, births, fourths.

The earth's productiveness is in excess of possible consumption.

rtsht.—march'd, search'd, parch'd, perch'd.

Pygmies are pygmies still, though perch'd on Alps.

rvd.-preserv'd, nerv'd, starv'd, carv'd.

He never swerv'd from the line of duty. rvdst.-curv'dst, swerv'dst, carv'dst, preserv'dst. Thou preserv'dst me from mine enemies.

rvz.-nerves, starves, swerves.

The fool serves his body, but starves his mind.

rvst.-curv'st, carv'st, preserv'st.

Thou serv'st me well, thou nerv'st my arm for the fight.

rz.-stars, wars, bars, tears, stores.

His fears were the children of a violated conscience.

sf.-Sphinx, sphere.

Within my sphere, I am as secret as the Sphinx.

shr.-shrill, shriek, shrine, shrink, shrunk, shrank. He shrank from the shrill shriek of the unshriven, who wildly wailed and wept before the shrine.

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