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Janissaries, 248-254. Orchan's reign and
death, 255-258. Amurath, 259-269. Ba-
jazet, 270. Battle of Nicopolis, 271-273.
Reign of Bajazet, 274-277. Timour, 278.
Battle of Angora, 279. Bajazet, a prisoner,
dies, 283. Sons of Bajazet and disputed
succession, 288. Revival of the Ottoman
power under Mahomet, 286-288. Amurath
II., 289-302. Mahomet the Conqueror, 302.
Fall of Constantinople, 303-309.


Plurality of Worlds [An Essay, &c. Answer by
Sir D. Brewster, &c.], 50-82. Dr. Whewell,
the author, 50. The reply, 52. Position of
the Earth in the Universe, 54-60. Analysis

of Dr. Whewell's work, 61-77. Sir D.
Brewster's Work, 78-80. Conclusion, 81,



Wilberforce on the Supremacy [Inquiry into
the Principles of Church-authority, &c.], 369
-457. No novelty in Mr. Wilberforce's work,
369. Its bitter spirit, 370. Church authority,
371. Councils, 372. Mr. Wilberforce's four
propositions, 373. Was S. Peter, by Divine
appointment, the centre of unity? 374-403.
Was the Bishop of Rome the centre of
unity to the early Church? 404-417. Was
the Primacy a Supremacy? 418-443. The
position of the English Church at the Refor-
mation, 444-452. The Greek Church 453,
454. Conclusion, 455-457.


JANUARY.-Early History of the Primacy of
Armagh Heartsease, or, the Brother's Wife
-Letter to Mr. Dale-Bishop of Winchester
on Convocation-Educational Prospects of
S. Thomas, Charterhouse-Truths Main-
tained-The Church and her Destinies-The
Castle Builders-Recent Forms of Prayer-
Professor Ansted's Scenery, Science, and
Artist Baker's Northamptonshire Glossary
--Late Payment of Weekly Wages-Murray's
Railway Reading-Bishop of Oxford's
Charge Classic Texts-Stories and Lessons
on the Catechism-Analysis of the Revela-
tion Archdeacon Denison's Statement of
his Case-Grueber on Art. XXIX.-Gresley
on the Unity of the Church-Wilberforce on
the Royal Supremacy-Newland's 'Postils'
-Meyrick's Two University Sermons.

APRIL.-Ramsay's Catechisms- Newland's
Norway-Public Nurseries - Instrumenta
Ecclesiastica-Parker's Scripture Prints -
Journal of Philology-Calvin's Letters-
Mulready's Vicar of Wakefield-Goodwin's
Guide to the Parish Church-Harvey on the
Creeds-Procter on the Common Prayer-
Hill's Letter to Dr. Barrow-The Cross and
the Dragon-Freeman on the Church Ser-
vices-Work for National Schools-Poems on
the War-Burgon's Memorial of Dr. Routh

-Arnold's Horace-Richard's Champion-
Heathcote on the Catechism - Hawkins'
Family Prayers-Marriott's Poems-Barrett's
Latin Grammar-Sharpe on the Bible-Life
of Nicholas Ferrar-On the Holy Communion
-Apology for Secular Recreations-Sermon


Immaculate Conception - Convocation
and Church Services-New Edition of Hume
and Smollett-Month in Portugal-Whately's
Thoughts-Observance of Sunday-Foulkes'
Pamphlet-Old Church Porch - Schnorr's
Bible Prints-French Architectural Dic-
tionary-Maitland on Convocation-Church
Thoughts-Rogers on Marriage Question-
Conington's Inaugural Lecture-Ellicott on
the Galatians-Ken on the Creed-Trench on
Conversation-Thorndike on the Eucharist-
Wright's Catena-Clewer House of Mercy-
Memorials of Canterbury-Sermons by Mar-
riott and Harvey-Heathfield's Essays-God-
fray's Sermon-Drummond's Reply to Wil
berforce-Californian Crusoe-Leonard and
Dennis-Mother and Son-The Strike-
Brooks' Verses-Sarum Compline-- Fabiola
-The Palace-Bishop Selwyn's Sermons-
English: Past and Present-Seven Ages-
Lent Readings-Dunwell on the Psalms-
The Golden Spell-Townshend on the Col-
lects-The Restoration of Belief-Morgan on
Infidelity Sermons by Godfray, Magnay,
Goodwin, Claughton-Practical Sermons-
War Tracts, &c.


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