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Belle Vage House (halen, Chelsen.
27 May, 1896.

My Dear Doctor Bliss



With this I have I have sent fou sent three Copies ofa little they literend of the Ancients on the Spikenard of the Ancients & honored by Your which I tore his printed. You for the purpose of being from and have been glad to to my friends! One of the Copies & bey you


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me anointed, to recept, and will trouble You be indeed to call it to present the second in


is to me not to istome

Name to that most estimable fore sent a little Men who is loved and venerated regnated with the Oil by all who have the happiness "The Nortails, but it Eknowing him, de Wathen find d Youth-Bishop Your Warthy the President of estagdalen Coll. when no to the third Copy, I plan t


Zemarkablesque Routh-Bishop of London

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it at your disposal to be presented poured me retained the

where in your opinion it may be

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vored with the dour thereof "

I observed the same efffect in

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Room 37 feet in length Libreng etit feel impotrive to see Ihr Gregwells work and will visit the Attendum for that purpose; I wish I had known of it before the flirting of my Brochure

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really ashamed t Send You that a trifle, but I have not

to offer

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Kedu Dr Bliche


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Copies of my

with this I Love sent

of them in the m

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little Essay on the Thickenerd of the Ancients and shall consider myself muct tonored by Your impselfmach disposing of them mentioned You I alar should have been glad to Here sent to you for Vom bade – fenderferofthe Oil. but if during the journey the blue should be broken and the Copices of my little Work become anointed,


mitter You.

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would be indeed to call it

The Oil of gladness; I have the free sert a littleboy containing Home Wool impregnated with the Oil.The perfume like some others, is to me not to

ves the power of perceived to the Nostails, but it





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me Retained th

Mace in a remarkableque and is not evanescents.. The Bishop of colls it my theological Oil and when I little fit at Zuthem – for drop The drawing Room which he assured Scenty for more then a Week or bother decliver frtnight. I then quoted to him the words of otGet "And the house was filled with the dour thereof " I observed the same effect in my Library. is a room 37 feet in ling 3 feet in length

I feel impatient to see For Greqwells work and will visit the Attendum for that purpose; I wish I had known of it before the flirting of my Brock

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tave just received from Dr Roun his trans In the Algebra of Mohammed-Ben Musa white The opinion which I have ventured to give Respect The Arabians and the State of 'cience in the Counts of the Coliphs especially that of Almamo Itere ben ferred with and Complimentary letters, some of In one of them fro note little and end who is well known to Episcopal

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a more

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to you

I do not mean the Bishop of London ) his Loun
I read the memoir on Spikenard with
great intrest, the only passage which did not quit
please The animadversion upon the word
Aprons in om Bible translation, which is chart
appropinate Word then Girdle when the
of the Covering is considered. It expresses decofligh
but truly that which the more vulger worden
designated but not so well"
Now really I
Connot discoon, that the Word Girdle or Zone
vulgar a lefedecent then Aron, which in
a more elaborate Article of dress Phanae
or Girdle, for it consists of Girdle with drefuge
its decking
attached to it (such as Sailors call hanging onte Ma
and therefore removed from the Simplicity of thatt
which was first adopted by sinmitive people.
Mtwall, Row
it is quitte Natural for. The Bish
to be favorable to Aprons, as those are







by themselves, and as I am a firm friend to one Established Church. dearnestly hope that The Bishops will long continue to wear them. bet whilst d Star undily eund Aprons to Bishops I can not persöibly Mow Aprons


to Adam and Eve.

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I thank You for You Kind wishes to see Oxford, Although at present & fear there is but little probability of my being able to visit & Planeto which So any partial; that when business I trust therefore that when! singt You to London, you will not comite, give the pleasure of y i

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Moner My Dear Sie always most truly
The Patchett

Faller For Blip Ret

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