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ANDERSON, A. A.: 'Twenty-five Years in a Waggon.'

ANDERSON, DR. JOSEPH: 'Scotland in Early Christian Times.'
BANCROFT 'Native Races of the Pacific.'

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BARING GOULD: Myths of the Middle Ages.'

BEAUFORT, E. A. (VISCOUNTESS STRANGFORD): Egyptian Sepulchres and Syrian Shrines.'

BELT, THOMAS: Naturalist in Nicaragua.'

BOLLAERT, WM.: 'Antiquities, &c. of South America.'

BOYD-DAWKINS: Early Man in Britain.'

BRINTON, DANIEL G.: Myths of the New World.'

BROCA, DR. PAUL: Sur la Trépanation du Crâne et les Amulettes Crâniennes à l'époque Néolithique,' Presidential Address (Translation of) Journ. Anth. Inst. Nov. 1877.

CARTAILLHAC, E.: La France Préhistorique.'
CREUZER, G. F. Religions d'Antiquité.'
CROLL, JAMES: Climate and Time.'

DALL, WM. HEALEY: Masks and Labrets.' (Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1881-82, Smithsonian Institution.) DARWIN, CHARLES: 'Origin of Species,' 'Descent of Man.'

DAUBENY, PROFESSOR C. G. B.: 'Six Lectures on Roman Husbandry.' DENNIS, GEORGE: Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria.'

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DU HALDE, JEAN BAPTISTE: History of China.'
ENGEL: Music of the most Ancient Nations.'

ENNEMOSER, JOSEPH, M.D.: 'History of Magic.'

EVANS, DR. JOHN, F.R.S., &c.: 'Ancient Stone Implements of Great Britain.'

FERGUSSON, JAMES: 'Rude Stone Monuments,' 'Tree and Serpent Worship.'

FLETCHER, DR. ROBERT: On Pre-historic Trephining and Cranial Amulets,' 'Contributions to N. American Ethnology,' Vol. V. GEIKIE, JAMES: The Great Ice Age.'

HAWEIS, REV. H. R.: 'Music and Morals.'

HAWKINS, SIR JOHN: 'History of Music.'

HOLDEN, EDWARD S.: 'Studies in Central American Picture Writing.' (First Annual Report, Bureau of Ethnology, 1879-80, Smithsonian Institution.)

HOLMES, W. H.: 'Art in Shell of Ancient Americans.' (Second Annual Report, Bureau of Ethnology, 1880-81, Smithsonian Institution.) HUC, EVARISTE R.: 'The Chinese Empire.'

HUTCHINSON, CONSUL: 'Two Years in Peru.'

HUXLEY, T. H., F.R.S., &c. : Man's Place in Nature.'
JOHNSTON, H. H.: 'The River Congo.'

KAY, STEPHEN: Caffrarian Researches.'
KEATING: History of Ireland.'

KELLER, DR. FERDINAND: Lake Dwellings of Switzerland.
LAYARD, AUSTIN: Discoveries at Nineveh,' &c.

LEBRUN, PIERRE: 'Superstitions Anciennes et Modernes.'
LENORMAND, FRANÇOIS: Magic among the Chaldæans.'
LESLIE: Early Races of Scotland.'

LUBBOCK, SIR JOHN, F. R. S., &c.: Pre-historic Times,' 'The Origin

of Civilization.'

LYELL, SIR CHARLES: 'Antiquity of Man.'


Pictographs of North American Indians.'

(Fourth Annual Report, Bureau of Ethnology, 1882-83, Smithsonian Institution.)

MALLET: Northern Antiquities.'

MAN, E. H.: The Andamanese.' (Journal of Anthropological Institute, February 1881, August 1882, November 1882, February 1883.) MARKHAM, CLEMENTS: Rites and Laws of the Incas.'

MAURICE, THOMAS: History of Hindostan.'

MIGNE: Dictionnaire de Mythologie' (Sciences Occultes).
MOOR: Hindu Pantheon.'

OWEN History of Serpents.'

PITT-RIVERS, GENERAL, F.R.S., &c.: 'Excavations in Cranborne Chase,''Early Modes of Navigation' (Journ. Anth. Inst., April

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1875), Chert Implements in Nile Valley' (Journ. Anth. Inst., May 1882).

PocoCKE: 'India in Greece.'

POTTER: Antiquities of Greece.'

PRESCOTT: 'Histories of Peru and Mexico.'

RAWLINSON, "Translation of Herodotus,' 'Early Monarchies.'

ROWBOTHAM, J. F.: History of Music.'

SPEIR, MRS.: 'Life in Ancient India.'


Seat of the Aryans.'

TENNANT: Ceylon.'

Origin of the Aryans,' Origin and Primitive

(Journ. Anth. Inst., February 1888.)

TYLOR, DR. E. B.: 'Anahuac,' 'Primitive Culture,' 'Early History of Mankind.'

TYNDALE: Sardinia.'

WALLACE, A. R.: Malay Archipelago,' 'Island Life, Geographical Distribution of Animals.'

WARTON: History of Poetry.'

WILDE, SIR W.: Ireland Past and Present.'

WILKINSON: 'Manners and Customs of Ancient Egyptians.'

WILLIAMS: Fiji and Fijians.'

WILSON, DR. DANIEL: Pre-historic Man,' 'Pre-historic Annals of Scotland.'

YARROW, DR. H. C.: Mortuary Customs of N. American Indians.' (First Annual Report, Bureau of Ethnology, 1879-81, Smithsonian Institution.)

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