Ceylon in 1893: Describing the Progress of the Island Since 1803, Its Present Agricultural and Commercial Enterprises

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J. Haddon, 1893 - Agriculture - 491 pages

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Page 444 - Her chest should be capacious; her breasts, firm and conical, like the yellow cocoa-nut, and her waist small — almost small enough to be clasped by the hand. Her hips should be wide; her limbs tapering; the soles of her feet, without any hollow, and the surface of her body in general soft, delicate, smooth, and rounded, without the asperities of projecting bones and sinews.
Page 283 - I had never before seen huddled together in so narrow a space. It seemed to me as though they would have nearly drunk the tank dry. I watched them with great interest until they had satisfied themselves as well in bathing as in drinking, when I tried how small a noise would apprise them of the proximity of unweleome neighbours.
Page 286 - It was tantalising to see such a profusion of fine game, while I had not a morsel of animal food to eat. The following morning, anxious to ascend a height in time to avail myself of the clear atmosphere of sunrise for my observations, I started off by myself through the jungle, leaving orders for the men, with the surveying instruments, to follow my track by the notches which I cut in the bark of the trees.
Page 367 - Suffice it to say, that from the date of the introduction* of Buddhism into Ceylon, BC 307, that history is authenticated by the concurrence of every evidence which can contribute to verify the annals of any country.
Page 166 - Honour and shame from no condition rise ; Act well your part, there all the honour lies.
Page 283 - After which, having apparently satisfied himself that all was safe, he returned and obviously gave the order to advance, for in a moment the whole herd rushed into the water with a degree of unreserved confidence, so opposite to the caution and timidity which had marked their previous movements, that nothing will ever persuade me that there was not rational and preconcerted co-operation throughout the whole party, and a degree of responsible authority exercised by the partriarch leader.
Page 282 - The following narrative of an adventure in the great central forest toward the north of the island, communicated to me by Major SKINNER, who was engaged for some time in surveying and opening roads through the thickly-wooded districts there, will serve better than any abstract description to convey an idea of the conduct of a herd on such occasions : — " The case you refer to struck me as exhibiting something more than ordinary brute instinct, and approached nearer...
Page 283 - ... in the water, he remained for some minutes listening in perfect stillness. Not a motion could be perceived in himself or his shadow. He returned cautiously and slowly to the position he had at first taken up on emerging from the forest. Here in a little while he was joined by five others, with which he again proceeded...
Page 215 - I have this year been fortunate enough to stop its ravages so completely that, perhaps, I may be allowed to say a few words on the subject...

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