The Maháwanṣo in Roman Characters: With the Translation Subjoined; and an Introductory Essay on Páli Buddhistical Literature. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. Containing the First Thirty Eight Chapters

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Cotta Church Mission Press, 1837 - Buddhism - 292 pages

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Page lxxvi - Rdkshasa for various matters which it does not contain. Of these, the adventures of the king of Vikatpalli, and the employment of the Greek troops, are alone of any consequence, as they would mislead us into a supposition, that a much greater resemblance exists between the Grecian and Hindu histories than is actually the case. Discarding, therefore, these accounts, and laying aside the marvellous part of the story, I shall endeavour, from the...
Page li - Suffice it to say, that from the date of the introduction* of Buddhism into Ceylon, BC 307, that history is authenticated by the concurrence of every evidence which can contribute to verify the annals of any country.
Page 251 - Atthasalini,' on the Dhammasangini (one of the commentaries on the Abhidhammo.) Rewato thero then observing that he was desirous of undertaking the compilation of a ' Parittatthakathan ' (a general commentary on the Pitakattaya...
Page xliv - I assault the dame. Struck with unusual fear, she trembling cries, She faints, she falls; she lifts her weeping eyes. '"What art thou? say! from whence, from whom you came? O more than human! tell thy race, thy name. Amazing strength, these poisons to sustain! Not mortal thou, nor mortal is thy brain. Or art thou he, the man to come (foretold By Hermes, powerful with the wand of gold), The man from Troy, who wander'd ocean round...
Page 196 - I have constantly celebrated, in offerings to the deity of felicitous advent, in twelve different places, an illumination of seven thousand lamps, lit with clarified butter and white wicks. I have daily maintained at eighteen different places (hospitals) provided with suitable diet, and medicines prepared by medical practitioners for the infirm.
Page 107 - ... the relic (the collar-bone), having engaged a great number of men to manufacture bricks, re-entered the town with his retinue to prepare for the relic festival. . . The sovereign, pursuing the directions of the...
Page 252 - ... restored the other two copies also. The assembled priests then read out the three books simultaneously. In those three versions, neither in a signification nor in a single misplacement by...
Page 163 - In this supreme palace there were nine stories, and in each of them one hundred apartments. All these apartments were highly embellished ; they had festoons of beads, resplendent (like) gems. The flower-ornaments appertaining thereto were also set with gems, and the tinkling festoons were of gold. In that palace there were a thousand dormitories having windows with ornaments (like unto) jewels, which were bright as eyes.
Page 11 - Kassapo was, at that time, the chief. This high priest having performed the funeral obsequies over the body and sacred relics of the divine teacher ; and being desirous of perpetuating his doctrines for ever; on the seventh day after the lord of the universe, gifted with the ten powers, had demised; recollecting the silly declaration of the priest...
Page xliv - Through the lone thicket, and the desert land. A palace in a woody vale we found Brown with dark forests, and with shades around. A voice celestial echoed from the dome, Or nymph, or goddess, chanting to the loom. Access we sought, nor was access denied: Radiant she came ; the portals open'd wide : The goddess mild invites the guests to stay: They blindly follow where she leads the way. I only wait behind, of all the train : I waited long, and...

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