Pope's Odyssey of Homer

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Cassell, 1907 - Epic poetry, Greek - 362 pages

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Page 191 - Two craggy rocks, projecting to the main, The roaring wind's tempestuous rage restrain, Within, the waves in softer murmurs glide, And ships secure without their halsers ride.
Page 9 - Such was that face, on which I dwelt with joy Ere Greece assembled stemm'd the tides to Troy ; But, parting then for that detested shore, Our eyes, unhappy ! never greeted more." " To prove a genuine birth (the prince replies) On female truth assenting faith relies : Thus manifest of right, I build my claim Sure-founded on a fair maternal fame, Ulysses...
Page 131 - I then approach'd him reeking with their gore, And held the brimming goblet foaming o'er : " Cyclop! since human flesh has been thy feast, Now drain this goblet, potent to digest: Know hence what treasures in our ship we lost, And what rich liquors other climates boast.
Page 136 - Neptune's blessing on the watery way; For his I am, and I the lineage own ; Th' immortal father no less boasts the son. His power can heal me, and re-light my eye; 610 And only his, of all the gods on high.
Page 100 - This through the gardens leads its streams around, Visits each plant, and waters all the ground; While that in pipes beneath the palace flows, And thence its current on the town bestows; To various use their various streams they bring, The people one, and one supplies the king.
Page 133 - Twas for our lives my labouring bosom wrought; Each scheme I turn'd, and sharpen'd every thought; This way and that, I cast, to save my friends, Till one resolve my varying counsel ends. ' Strong were the rams, with native purple fair, Well fed, and largest of the fleecy care.
Page 144 - With semblance fair, the unhappy men she placed. Milk newly pressed, the sacred flour of wheat, And honey fresh, and Pramnian wines the treat : But venomed was the bread, and mixed the bowl, With drugs of force to darken all the soul : Soon in the luscious feast themselves they lost, And drank oblivion of their native coast.
Page 70 - THE saffron Morn, with early blushes spread, Now rose refulgent from Tithonus' bed ; With new-born day to gladden mortal sight, And gild the courts of Heaven with sacred light...
Page 194 - And sought around his native realm in vain ; Then with erected eyes stood fix'd in woe, And, as he spoke, the tears began to flow. Ye Gods (he cry'd) upon what barren coast, In what new region is Ulysses tost ? 75 Possess'd by wild barbarians fierce in arms ? Or men, whose bosom tender pity warms...
Page 43 - The smooth-hair'd horses, and the rapid car. Observant of his word, the word scarce spoke, The sons obey, and join them to the yoke. Then bread and wine a ready handmaid brings, And presents, such as suit the state of kings. The glittering...

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