Select Specimens of the Theatre of the Hindus, Volume 2

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Trübner, 1871 - English drama

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Page 45 - Come near now, and kiss me, my son. And he came near, and kissed him: and he smelled the smell of his raiment, and blessed him, and said, See, the smell of my son is as the smell of a field which the LORD hath blessed...
Page 56 - Falls to the howling wolf, — and now they fly. (Pauses, and looking round. ) Race, dastardly as hideous ! All is plunged In utter gloom. The river flows before me, The boundary of the funeral ground, that winds Through mouldering bones its interrupted way. Wild raves the torrent as it rushes past And rends its crumbling banks ; the wailing owl Hoots through its skirting groves, and to the sounds The loud long moaning jackal yells reply.
Page 160 - Itemque in lustranda colonia ab eo qui earn deduceret, et cum imperator exercitum, censor populum, lustraret, bonis nominibus, qui hostias ducerent, eligebantur. Quod idem in dilectu consules observant, ut primus miles fiat 103 bono nomine.
Page 272 - ... most lovely. The trees partake of the rapturous season, their new leaves glow like coral, their branches wave with animation in the wind, and their foliage resounds with the blythe murmurs of the bee. The Bakula...
Page 140 - CHANAKYA, the Brahman, replied : " I am rooting out this grass which has hurt my foot." The reply struck the minister as indicative of a character which would contribute to his designs, and he engaged him by the promise of a large reward and high honours to come and preside at the Srdddha which was to be celebrated next new moon at the palace.
Page 13 - How little do they know who speak of us with censure ! This entertainment is not for them. Possibly some' one exists, or will exist, of similar tastes with myself ; for time is boundless, and the world is wide.
Page 127 - It must be acknowledged, that the political code from which they emanate exhibits a morality not a whit superior to that of the Italian school ; but a remarkable, and in some respects a redeeming principle, is the inviolable and devoted fidelity which appears as the uniform characteristic of servants, emissaries, and friends : a singular feature in the Hindu character which it has not yet wholly lost...
Page 156 - Tis known to all the world, I vowed the death of Nanda, and I slew him. The current of a vow will work its way And cannot be resisted. What is done Is spread abroad, and I no more have power To stop the tale.
Page 144 - CHANDRAGUPTA, in whom some little breath yet remained, offered, if they would spare his life, to undertake the task, and this being allowed, he made an iron rod red-hot, and thrusting it into the figure, the wax soon ran, and the lion disappeared. Although they desired his death, CHANDRAGUPTA was taken by the Nandas from the pit into which he had been cast, and continued to live in affluence. He was gifted with all the marks of royalty : his arms reached to his knees ; he was affable, liberal, and...
Page 13 - Brahmanas who sanctify a company. 184. Those men must be considered as the sanctifiers of a company who are most learned in all the Vedas and in all the Angas, and who are the descendants of Srotriyas. 185. A...