A Comprehensive Commentary on the Qurán: Comprising Sale's Translation and Preliminary Discourse, with Additional Notes and Emendations; Together with a Complete Index to the Text, Preliminary Discourse, and Notes, Volume 2

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K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & Company, limited, 1896 - Koran

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Page 214 - Verily your LORD is GOD, who created the heavens and the earth in six days...
Page 30 - Jesus, and that which was delivered unto the prophets from their Lord : We make no distinction between any of them, and to God are we resigned.
Page 314 - Verily God hath purchased of the true believers their souls and their substance, promising them the enjoyment of Paradise on condition that they fight for the cause of God: whether they slay or be slain, the promise for the same is assuredly due by the Law and the Gospel and the Koran.
Page 157 - I have not spoken to them any other than what thou didst command me; namely, Worship God, my Lord and your Lord...
Page 130 - Relate also unto them the history of the two sons of Adam, with truth. When they offered their offering, and it was accepted from one of them, and was not accepted from the other, Cain said to his brother, I will certainly kill thee.
Page 70 - Men ought to have a part of what their parents and kindred leave behind them when they die : and women also ought to have a part of what their parents and kindred leave, whether it be little, or whether it be much ; a determinate part is due to them.
Page 88 - Verily, those who disbelieve our signs, we will surely cast to be broiled in hell fire; so often as their skins shall be well burned, we will give them other skins in exchange, that they may taste the sharper torment ; for God is mighty and wise.
Page 75 - Verily repentance will be accepted with God, from those who do evil ignorantly, and then repent speedily; unto them will God be turned: for God is knowing and wise. But no repentance shall be accepted from those who do evil until the time when death presenteth itself unto one of them, and he saith, Verily I repent now; nor unto those who die unbelievers: for them have we prepared a grievous punishment.
Page 293 - Verily they only will ask leave of thee to stay behind, who believe not in God and the last day, and whose hearts doubt concerning the faith: wherefore they are tossed to and fro in their doubting. If they had been willing to go forth with thee...
Page 315 - Neither did ABRAHAM ask forgiveness for his father, otherwise than in pursuance of a promise which he had promised unto him" : but when it became known unto him, that he was an enemy unto GOD, he declared himself clear of him w.

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