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upright post with its top turned towards legs. To 1. a symbol like the supposed lotus leaf of No. 14, but smaller.

R. Opposed to O. Raised Swastika turned r., with very broad arms, the ends of which, as well as those of the basal uprights, are pointed. Indistinct symbols to r. and l., that on 1. being forked and somewhat like a 'taurine' emblem. 26. 1.02 in. by 56 in.; weight 13 grains.

O. Standing deity, facing f., with arms as usual. Two bangles on 1. wrist, and anklets high on legs.

R. Opposed to O. Raised Swastika turned 1. A round elevation to г. may be a vase.

27. 1.06 in. by 56 in.; weight 24 grains; lower edge irregular.

O. Standing figure of deity with very narrow waist, facing f. Arms as usual, two bangles being on 1. one. Two anklets on 1. leg; perhaps a third above calf. To r. of legs a raised bead opposite the knee, resting on an upright post, the top of which is pointed.


Raised Swastika. Little to be seen.

28. 1.01 in. by 52 in.; weight unknown.

O. Standing deity as usual; two bangles on 1. wrist. A cloth from waist nearly to knees. Upright pole on r. may end in bident at shoulder level. A bead above each shoulder. R. Raised Swastika. Indistinct.

29. 1.04 in. by 54 in.; weight unknown.

O. Standing deity, stouter than usual, facing f., with two bangles on 1. wrist; hand holds upright pole which may end in bident at level of neck.

R. Indistinct.

30. 1.07 in. by 43 in.; weight unknown.

Both faces indistinct, but part of standing figure visible. 31. 1.01 in. by 53 in.; weight 17 grains.

O. Standing deity facing f., and holding poles as usual. Two anklets on each leg and a bangle on each wrist. Circle of beads may have passed over head, two being visible on each side. Upright poles may have ended in bidents.

R. Very faint, but part of stem of Swastika can be seen; perhaps part of vase to r.

32. 1.17 in. by 51; weight 22 grains.

O. The die has moved and rendered design blurred. A goddess standing facing f., holds on r. a bident. Bead on each side of neck. To 1. of r. ankle a large bead rests upon a thick upright stem which is widened out at the top; this resembles the disk on the altar.' To r. of legs, an upright bar with upper part turned r.

R. Opposed to O. Raised Swastika, turned r. On 1. a raised oval may be the vase.

33. 1.04 in. by 43 in.; weight 17 grains.

O. Standing goddess (? Muktakēsī, a form of Durgā, with loose hair) thin, with wasp-like waist, facing f. Short skirt from waist to mid-thigh. Long loose hair incised after stamping, in fine lines, hangs down on 1., reaching below waist. A bead above 1. shoulder. Side poles not visible. Mark of top of die extends in an arc over the head.

R. Opposed to O. Part of raised Swastika. 34. 1.17 in. by 62 in.; weight 45 grains.

O. Standing deity, facing f., with cloth apparently folded round the hips. Arms hang down as usual. Trace of top of bident on 1.

R. Raised Swastika, turned 1. To r., large round-bodied vase, with lip. To l., a symbol resembling an early letter n. 35. 1.10 in. by 46 in.; weight 30 grains. Purchased for me in Anuradhapura.

O. Standing goddess, facing f., and holding poles as usual. The head is gone; navel distinctly marked. Two bangles and an armlet on r. arm; anklets on both legs. A row of five or seven beads round head, and perhaps a horizontal row above them. Under the feet three short vertical raised lines. Upright on 1. widens out at shoulder level; both are too much worn for tops to be discriminated. A line on 1. between the leg and side pole may be the edge of her dress.

R. Raised Swastika, turned r.; the lower arm appears to be straight and extends horizontally to r. and 1. of centre line. Two narrow parallel waved lines below base line.

H. P.

36. 1.25 in. by 76 in.; weight unknown.

The 1. arm hangs down upper arm hangs down and Hair-knot, or head-dress,

O. Seated figure, turned f., with face to 1. Two anklets on r. leg, and one or two on the other. The 1. leg doubled under body; r. leg hangs down from knee. and hand rests on 1. thigh. The r. fore-arm bends out horizontally. or helmet extends at back of head. Raised work in front of face, some of it being part of an arched band that passes round and over head.

R. Swastika, turned 1. No bar below its base line. To l., a symbol which may be the vase; to r., a small symbol indistinct.

37. 1.20 in. by 82 in.; weight 74 grains.

O. The die merely includes a sitting figure (? female) in the same posture as last. Two armlets on 1. upper arm, and an anklet on 1. leg. Hand on r. holds a flower on its stem before the face. One bead above 1. shoulder. A head-dress, or crown, or helmet on head, above which the die ended in a point. R. Opposed to O. Indistinct. Swastika, and symbol on r. 38. 1.09 in. by '62 in.; weight 40 grains.

O. Lower third of coin untouched by die. Seated figure (? female) in the same attitude, with one bangle on 1. wrist, and two anklets on 1. leg. The arm bent up near shoulder on r., and flower held at shoulder level. A bead on r. of head.

R. Opposed to O. Swastika turned 1., with thick base line. To l., vase with three shoots; to r., a symbol indefinable. 39. 1-21 in. by 71 in.; weight unknown.

O. Seated figure (? female) in same attitude, bangles on wrist, two armlets on 1. upper arm, two anklets on 1. leg, perhaps only one on r. leg. Fore-arm on r. raised to shoulder level. The die did not include more.

R. Very indistinct.

40. 1.24 in. by 75 in.; weight unknown.

O. Seated figure in same attitude; bead over 1. shoulder. Five nearly upright short lines below 1. foot and calf, rising from a horizontal one which turns down on 1. close to r. foot, may indicate a seat or throne. Hand raised to level of head on r. A bead between 1. arm and waist.

R. Raised Swastika. Vase to r., with shoots each ending in a flower or leaf.

41. 1.31 in. by 74 in.; weight unknown.

O. Seated figure in same attitude, but r. leg doubled under body, and 1. leg doubled under r. one. Two bangles on 1. wrist, and one or two on r. one. A bead on each side of waist. Hand raised to shoulder level on r. A curved band seems to pass round head. Upright pole near 1. edge of coin, ends invisible.

42. 1.50 in. by 79 in.; weight 74 grains.

O. Seated figure with wider waist, in usual attitude. Hand on r. holds flower at shoulder level. A bar passes down from 1. knee and is then turned horizontally to r. toes; it may represent the outer side of a throne, or the side of the dress.

R. Opposed to O. Raised Swastika, turning 1., rising from a waved base line, below which, and separated from it by a wide channel, is a straight horizontal band. To 1., the vase with two round flowers or leaves above it. An emblem to r., like a bull's head looking downwards.

43. 1-43 in. by 72 in.; weight 75 grains.

O. Standing deity, facing f., as usual; one or two bangles on r. wrist, and anklets on r. leg; other hand and foot not visible. Upright pole on r. Lines are incised, curling from the top of the head upward and outward, evidently to indicate loose hair.

R. Raised Swastika, turned 1., on strong stem which springs from a wide straight base line, below which is a flat channel. The short basal uprights are pointed. To 1. the vase. To r. no

emblem visible.

44. 142 in. by 72 in.; weight 64 grains. A hole is drilled near the top for suspending the coin on a string.

O. Standing deity, with very long narrow waist, facing f. An armlet on r. upper arm, bangles on each wrist, and anklets on legs, two being on 1. leg. Opposite the hips the hands grasp two upright poles; that on 1. ends at level of head, apparently in a trident. Top of the other uncertain. A symbol on each side of legs; that on 1. may have been a bead or disk on a post, but the bead is not now visible.


Raised Swastika, turned r. The short basal uprights on 1. are pointed; those on 1. have square ends. Vase to r., out of which grow incised leaves on stems, one having shape of a Bō-leaf. Under the vase is wide bar curved into an arch. To l., an indistinct symbol, resembling a bird with raised wing,1 facing Swastika.

45. 1.21 in. by 70 in.; weight 58 grains.

O. Middle part of design gone, and rest fragmentary. The details appear to differ from those on other coins, and it is doubtful if a deity was represented. Two curved bands ending in curls are on 1., and perhaps a vase below them.

[blocks in formation]

46. 145 in. by 76 in.; weight 82 grains. A hole is drilled near the top for suspending the coin on a thread or fine string. O. Standing deity, facing f. There may be a helmet, or crown, or raised cover on head. A wide broken line passes over head from shoulders. On each side the hands hold an upright pole which appears to end in a bident or trident. On 1. of legs an upright design.

R. A raised border, excepting on r. Swastika turned r. A horizontal bar separated from base line of Swastika and border by two channels. To r., probably a smaller Swastika turned r.; to 1., a rectangular raised line like early letter u. 47. 1.53 in. by 65 in.; weight 126 grains. A hole is drilled near the top for suspending the coin on a thin string.

O. Standing deity (? female) with wasp-like waist and hanging arms; hands hold upright pole at each side of coin. That on 1. ends in cross-bar at level of shoulder, above which are four flowers, lower two being circular and upper two trumpet-mouthed. The pole on r. winds slightly and ends in a thick curl at level of neck. Above this a relief like a standing deer; but lower part may be intended for a flower and the rest part of a band passing over head. Thin transverse bar above it, separated from border by a channel.

R. Large raised Swastika, turned r. Under its base line a transverse band separated from border by a narrow channel. 1 A bird with raised wings is carved in false relief on a pillar at the Abhayagiri dagaba, and on one at the Dakuņu dāgaba.

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