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night in the capacity of a beggar seeking shelter, deals with them in succession, with a gravity of temper, and sense of religious duty, as far as possible from the sensational or merely sentimental way that has been too common. Some of his facts are new, and some of them very pungent and startling, as when he surprises us with an estimate that 100,000 children wander unclaimed in the streets of London; and tells us something of the jealously guarded mysteries of "baby farming." In most of the lamentable topics he deals with, he could not add much to the information, or the impression, long familiar. But his direct testimony as to several points-particularly as to the mischief of betting among the class most tempted to it, and as to some forms of drunkenness and low amusements among the London poor is very instructive. The book is less able and impressive, on the whole, than one might have expected. It is as if the writer's mind were oppressed by the gigantic and hopeless proportions of the misery he describes ; while it is by dint of conscience and Christian conviction that he persists in a struggle all the more heroic that it does but stem without beating back the boundaries of evil. And the reader, who has not the stress of the struggle to warm him, is oppressed still more.

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NOTE. - In the fourth Article of the September number, it should have been stated, that the Catholic Church in America, at the present day, is far from being made up so largely of Irish as at the time when the volume under review was written.






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