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THEOLOGY AND RELIGION.-Count de Gasparin, Les Perspectives du Temps
Présent, 481-Noyes, Theological Essays,various authors, 483-Krummacher,
The Risen Redeemer, 484—Guthrie, Speaking to the Heart, 485-Winslow,
Sympathy of Christ with Man, and Patriarchal Shadows of Christ and his
Church, ib.-Crosby, Notes on the New Testament, 486-Tullidge, Triumphs
of the Bible, ib.-Wayland, Letters on the Ministry of the Gospel, 487-Mac-
leod, Parish Papers, ib.

HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY.-Stanley, Lectures on the History of the Jewish

Church, 488-Steffens, The Story of my Career, 489-Irving, The Life and

Letters of Washington Irving, 490–D'Aubigne, History of the Reformation

in Europe under Calvin, 491—Moore, The Rebellion Record, 492.

SCIENCE.-Brace, The Races of the Old World, 492-Wells, Annual of Scien-
tific Discovery, 493-Paine, The Institutes of Medicine, ib.
MISCELLANEOUS.-Harper's Library of Select Novels, 493—Moore, A Man-
ual of Flax Culture and Manufacture, 494-Mason, Manual of Gymnastic
Exercises, ib.-Theory and Art of Penmanship, 495-Hugh Miller, Tales
and Sketches, ib.-Szabad, Modern War, ib.-Phelps, Holy Land, with
glimpses of Europe and Egypt, 496-Laboulaye, Paris in America, ib.


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