The British Quarterly Review, Volume 18

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Henry Allon
Hodder and Stoughton, 1853 - Christianity

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Page 455 - ... and robed to the feet, and leaning to each other across the gates, their figures indistinct among the gleaming of the golden ground through the leaves beside them, interrupted and dim, like the morning light as it faded back among the branches of Eden, when first its gates were angel-guarded long ago.
Page 103 - Hitherto shall thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed'?
Page 465 - ... on their stony scales by the deep russetorange lichen, melancholy gold; and so, higher still, to the bleak towers...
Page 296 - Biographical Sketches of the Founder and Principal Alumni of the Log College ; together with an Account of the Revivals of Religion under their Ministry. Princeton, 1845. 12mo. pp. 369. A History of Colonization on the Western Coast of Africa. Philadelphia, 1846. 8vo. pp. 603. A History of the Israelitish Nation, from their origin to their dispersion at the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans.
Page 455 - ... five great vaulted porches, ceiled with fair mosaic, and beset with sculpture of alabaster, clear as amber and delicate as ivory, — sculpture fantastic and involved, of palm leaves and lilies, and grapes and pomegranates, and birds clinging and fluttering among the branches, all twined together into an endless network of buds and plumes; and in the midst of it the solemn forms of angels, sceptred, and robed to the feet, and leaning to each other across the gates, their figures indistinct among...
Page 510 - ... preaching twice or thrice a day is no burden to me at all ; but the care of all the preachers and all the people is a burden indeed !
Page 510 - What is that power? It is a power of admitting into, and excluding from, the societies under my care ; of choosing and removing stewards ; of receiving' or not receiving helpers ; of appointing them when, where, and how to help me ; and of desiring any of them to confer with me when I see. good.
Page 573 - In one respect, it may be taken as a sign of the times. It is a small unpretending...
Page 258 - Hebrew Politics in the Times of Sargon and Sennacherib : An Inquiry into the Historical Meaning and Purpose of the Prophecies of Isaiah, with some Notice of their bearings on the Social and Political Life of England, By EBWABD STBACHEY, Esq.
Page 284 - We must in honesty say, that Dr. Ogilvie has not only produced the best English Dictionary that exists, but, so far as the actual state of knowledge permitted, has made some approach toward perfec tion.

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