A Comprehensive Commentary on the Qurán: Comprising Sale's Translation & Preliminary Discourse, with Additional Notes & Emendations. Together with a Complete Index to the Text, Preliminary Discourse, & Notes, by the Rev. E.M. Wherry...

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R.S. Publishing House, 1882 - Qurʼan

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Page 363 - Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel ; and they said, Nay ; but we will have a king over us ; that we also may be like all the nations ; and that our king may judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles.
Page 137 - Sirat. which they say is laid over the midst of hell, and described to be finer than a hair, and sharper than the edge of a sword; so that it seems very difficult to conceive how any one shall be able to stand upon it...
Page 373 - Deal not unjustly with others, and ye shall not be dealt with unjustly. If there be any debtor under a difficulty of paying his debt, let his creditor wait till it be easy for him to do it ; but if ye remit it as alms, it will be better for you, if ye knew it.
Page 73 - ... of Medina, to make head against his enemies, than he gave out, that God had allowed him and his followers to defend themselves against the infidels: and at length, as his forces increased, he pretended to have the divine leave even to attack them...
Page 95 - (to use the words Design of of a very learned person) " seems to be this : to unite the the urtD' professors of the three different religions then followed in the populous country of Arabia, who for the most part lived promiscuously, and wandered without guides, the far greater number being idolaters, and the rest Jews and Christians, mostly of erroneous and heterodox belief...
Page 339 - O true believers, a fast is ordained you, as it was ordained unto those before you, that ye may fear God. A certain number of days shall ye fast : but he among you who shall be sick, or on a journey, shall fast an equal number of other days.
Page 320 - God said, Verily I will constitute thee a model of religion unto mankind ; he answered, And also of my posterity ; God said, My covenant doth not comprehend the ungodly.
Page 371 - If ye make your alms to appear, it is well; but if ye conceal them, and give them unto the poor, this will be better for you, and will atone for your sins: and GOD is well informed of that which ye do. The direction of them belongeth not unto thee; but GOD directeth whom he pleaseth. The good that ye shall give in alms shall redound unto yourselves; and ye shall not give unless out of desire of seeing the face of GOD.
Page 343 - Fight therefore against them, until there be no temptation to idolatry, and the religion be God's : but if they desist, then let there be no hostility, except against the ungodly.
Page 310 - ... hath been revealed since, although it be the truth, confirming that which is with them. Say, Why therefore have ye slain the prophets of God in times past, if ye be true believers? Moses formerly came unto you with evident signs, but ye afterwards took the calf for your god and did wickedly. And when we accepted your covenant, and lifted the mountain of Sinai over you...

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